Tuxie Tuesday

I am guarding the stairs. Momma is pretty blue because she's going to have to have surgery for her knee to work right again and a lawyer to make the insure-ants beans pay for it. So I am guarding the stairs so that nothing else mean comes and bugs Momma. I will bite it if it tries.

Later though, we're having an In-awe-gu-ray-shun party at our house. Momma and Uncle Milty will be here to watch it. And all our cat furriends are invited too (and other nice critters). So if you want, come on over to watch. We have treats and crunchies and fresh water and we will raid the fridge while Momma isn't looking. There's milk and ham and chick-hen and all sorts of stuff in there. It'll be fun to watch this historic event together. Oh and we have plenty of blankies and cat beds for napping too.

Sanjee is making sure everything is ready for the in-awe-gu-ray-shun party. Of course, we'll all help snoopervise some. We'll take turns between naps.

Gree, Mrs. Othello
Gree, Mrs. Othello, the light black sisfur

Pee Ess. Pepi says he'll have nip cigars, and the Meezers are bringing nip champagne too.


Oh no! We are so sorry to hear about your person's knee--although my human is not real surprised given how long it's been and the continuing level of pain.

We have hope for tomorrow for Obama and we will HOPE as well for your person to not have any more troubles getting that paid for.
Motor Home Cats said…
We are sorry to hear about your beans' knee. We are purring that her surgery will go well and that she will heal quickly after it.

Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Forever Foster said…
We are sorry that your mum's knee is so hurty. It is sweet of you to stop anything bad getting in. You're a goot protector!

We are staying up late to watch the Inauguration. It will be the first one we've ever seen!
we (me and Miles)are on our way with a couple of cases of nip champagne and some extra ham. Billy is still hosting his tuesdya dance party for the time being. He will be over later. - Sammy

deer Sanjee, I's on my way to help you make shur that efurryfing is ok. purrsss and nosekissies - yore boyfriendcat Miles
jenianddean said…
You're doing a great job guarding the stairs for your Mom. Hate that about her knee and needing a lawyer. Enjoy your party. (If you get Haloscan to work, let us know... I really like the new layout.)
Samantha & Mom said…
Oh no!! Hope the Lawyer gets her everything she needs to get her ouchie knee fixed! We will purrr and purray that it all works out quick!! We'll stop by later for the Inauguration Party! If you have a few minutes stop by The M-Cats Club it is having its 1st Blogoversary today, too!
Your FL furiends,

Here is the link http://mcatclub.blogspot.com/2009/01/m-cats-club-1st-blogoversary.html
Mom makes nasty jokes about lawyers sometimes, but she sez dat some of da time we do need dem. If only beans would behave like dey should...hope dat serjeree fixes her up good. We'z haffing a noggerashun party too! We should prolly tellaport back and forth so we get lots of good food and stuff.
Sunny's Mommy said…
So sorry that your Momma will need surgery to fix her knee.
Your poor momeez nee! Da momee here haz had three knee surgereez... so she sez she iz hopin' dat you will re-cover quickly. I do too. After all, I cannots haz da momee of da Mini not beein well! We has to keeps you goin' fur evfur & evfur!
Dis iz a grreat egg-nogeration! Speshuly da ham. Of coursee, I cooked one too... & der iz plentee fur all da catsez dats stops by. I tink it iz abouts 872 poundz.
I reely did not burn da kitsh-hen dow... cuz den dere wouldz be a shortage of ham & da Mni'z flavorite: toona!!!
Okeedokee, let's partee fur da new prez!!!! We are reellly happee oevfur here wit you.
(Smoochies the top of the Mini's head)
Hugs fur evfurry cat!!! & Congratsez to Prezzydent Obama!!!
Black Cat said…
Hi, what a great inauguration it was! Hope for the future!

Mombean, I hope your knee surgery goes well. It is wicked that you have to get a lawyer to make the insurance vampires pay up. I watched a BBC "Panorama" proggy last night which focused on just this sort of thing in Mericky, like how some people can't get health insurance at all and others who have paid through the nose have their claims refused! Ggggrrrrr! Corporate greed...

Keep guarding the stairs dear Hotties! :) xxx
susan said…
Ms. Othello, you are doing a great job guarding the stairs for your human mommie. Remember the humans are the ones that get us cat chow and catnip, and clean our boxes....

as for the inauguration-= Mr. Obama needs a cat, and we cats must galvanize to convince him to put a kitty in the White House.

Holly the cat
Everycat said…
Poor Mom Robyn, We're sorry she needs an operation. I hope the lawyer makes sure it all goes through smoothly.

Have a great party!

Whicky Wuudler

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