Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful Mom let me keep and eat the Temptations Dr. Tweety sent. I can only eat 3 at a time every other day because if I eat more they make my tummy hurt because I'm sensitive to the wheats in them. The good part is that the Temptations are lasting a long time.

I'm really really thankful Mom lets me eat them at all and that a little at a time they don't make my tummy hurt.

Mini luvs foods


susan said…

Those Temptations look really good. Are they fishy flavor?

Mommy loves looking at all the black cats. She says they are most beautiful.

I hope your mommy is feline better soon.....remember cats are better than Prozac......


I am thankful too when I can have Temtayshuns or better still, Greenies. Since the D word, I have been starved. It's not fair.
thats something really good to be thankful for!!!!

say hi to Miles for us.
Temptations are certainly something to be thankful for, indeed! Willow and I get some every night before bed!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat
The Island Cats said…
Mmmmmmm...Temptations....our mouths are watering!
Oh Min honey!!! I wishez I hadz known better & nots sented you treetsez wit wheat.
Da momee here iz gluten intollerant & she knowz when da tum tum hurtsez, dis iz not good.
Nextee time, I will sendz treetsez wit out wheat fur my sweet!
Dr TWeety

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