Oh noes!

My brofur-in-lawcat Kashim jumped on a hot burner and burned his front paws :( Nurse Momma Astrid put burn ointments on his paws and bandages. Yoo can see how good she didded here at Flickr. Kashim sez it is stupid stupid stupid to jump on a hot burner, even if it seems like you can sneak up there. I fink he's right.

Please send purrs for Kashim to heal up fast and without too much hurty!

Update: Kashim has posted a note on his bloggy.

Mrs. Othello
Gree, Mrs. Othello, the light black sisfur

Pee Ess. Pepi says he's going to take his bro Kashim over to the M-Cats Club to have a nip-beer or mother's milk or seven when it's ok for him to have it. Kashim is worried he can't ever move again cuz he can't feel his paws through the bandages. So Pepi says we need to cheer him up and remind him it's just bandages. So you guys can meet them there at the M-Cats Club soon. I think it would be ok for girlcats to stop by and give him purrs of encouragement.


oh noes!!! We will stop by the m-cats club!

Deer Sanjee, would you like to go to the m-cats club wif me? - purrss and nosekissies - yore boyfriendcat Miles

Deer MomRobyn, purrrrrrrssssss to you! I hopes that your knee starts feeling better soon! - purrsss and headbutts - yore kind of sort of son-in-lawcat Miles
Thoughts said…
Ouch! We will definitely stop over there and wish him well! That's scary because my little black sister always likes to jump up by the stoves and she gets in troubles when she does...

Theodore (and Sasha)
Sunny's Mommy said…
Oh no! That's awful! We sent our purrs to Kashim.
Victor Tabbycat said…
We saw hims on Flickr first an then the CB, their blog, an here. I suggested a Blu Tuna Gizzy or 3 will help, we just mustn't get any on hims bandages. Good fing him's mom knowed what to do!
~ Victor
PS I'll bring Temptations; Mom just buyed us a whole bunch!
thank you all for your purrs and thoughts.
i am feeling better by now tho. Momma had a closer look at my paws and the right one is not too bad at all. the left one it hurting more and I wont show it to momma without fighting. It has all burned furs and I think I may get some bladders as well. I got them all creamed and wrapped up again but to be honest it's feeling better with the creme.

Again thanls to you all and especially Gree, Pepi and Mom Robyn for getting the word around and sending cats for purrs and oh the wonderful graphics too!

love you all
Kashim *needs some nip beer again*
We've taken some healing purrs to Kashim. We hope his paws soon feel better.
Oh no! We were so sorry to hear that and are heading over there shortly
Just Ducky said…
I have walked across a warm burner but not a really hot one. Mum makes sure she keeps them covered now.
meemsnyc said…
Oh no, Kashim! Your little paws! We hope it heals soon.
poor kashim.
although that expression and those little sockies made us go 'aaaaaw'

purrs from the purries at
purrchance to dream
and uncle mo, too!
Oh noes!!!!!!!!!!
We will stop by to give him some purrs for his paws!!
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie
How awful! Poor boy. This is my mom's greatest fear.
Mom almost cried when she saw his little bandaged feet...Sadie did dat once but da stove was already cooling off so she did not burn her feet to badly. She sez dat a few niptinis will surely help wif da pain.
mog said…
I have long worried that my cats would do that since I have one of those stoves where the burner is flush with the surface. So far, no booboos. Kashim looks none too happy. Have stopped there already and sent purrs. Well Meowza purred.

Cece: Purr purr purr

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