National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day T13

Thursday 13 - National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day 2009

Here are our questions for Mom and her answers.
  1. How come they don't make Temptations without wheat and corn? ~~Mini
    Because they're not too bright and don't seem to realize that wheat and corn aren't good for kitties.
  2. When are you going to get us more anchovy and salmon treats? We're almost out. ~~Mini
    You must have been sleeping when I brought them in. I got a huge bag for you yesterday. Over 6 pounds of treats.
  3. Can we fly over to see Othello and a'course Kashim and Salome and Momma Astrid this summer? ~~Gree
    I don't think we have enough green papers for that Gree. Plus, I think you would have to be in quarantine all by yourself for months and that would suck.
  4. Can I have a brofur or sisfur live here who likes to play as much as me? ~~Pepi
    If they can pay the mortgage so we can build an addition on to the house, sure.
  5. How come Grandma Cat turns off the 'lectric warming blanky just cuz she hasta go to werk? ~~Sanjee
    To save green papers on 'lectricity. But since she does, she always makes sure to leave you lots of blankies to snuggle in.
  6. Can we get a noo sekretary who helps us blog better? ~~Sanjee
    *SOB* *SOB* I do the best I can. *SOB* (Sanjee pats Mommy's paw, aw it's ok Mommy. *headbumpies* We luvs yoo efun tho yoo's not the gratest sekretary.)
  7. When can we have read live dead chix-hens for dinner? I want to have Dr Tweety over for dinner. ~~Mini
    Maybe we'll have some this week, Mini. You can invited Dr. Tweety over when we do.
  8. Why don't the fevvers come inside so we can chase them easier? ~~Pepi
    Because they don't want to be chased, honey. You kitties are very fierce and it scares the fevvers.
  9. Can you make Gree stop STARING at me when I sit on the A Pee See thingy? ~~Boni Maroni
    Apparently not, Boni, but I'll do my best.
  10. Why is the Chrissymouse tree in your room still up? ~~Boni Maroni
    Because I've been very, very busy. And it looks pretty too.
  11. When do we get to stop going to the stabby place? ~~Gree
    Well, you get to stop going for a year at a time, Gree. Other than that, you can stop when you live at the Rainbow Bridge where you can't get sick.
  12. Why did you let Grandma Cat lock US out of the living area when the allergic person was here? ~~Mini
    Because Grandma Cat asked very nicely, and it was only for a couple of hours.
  13. Why did you cry when the Pee See wouldn't turn on this morning? ~~Pepi
    Because I was sad and frightened I couldn't get it fixed and then I couldn't work or blog for you or anything.
Fanks Mom!
You're welcome kids. I'll be happy next year when National Answer Your Cat's Questions Day doesn't fall on a Thursday so I won't get 13 questions.
Oh we can come up with 13 any year! Or more!
Um, well, we'll see. *scritches*

Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroniMini luvs foodsGree, Mrs. Othello, the light black sisfurPepi, Mancat of the House


Daisy said…
Those are very important questions. I am glad you got answers! And WHOA! A 6 pound bag of treats. That's awesome!
Those were very honest answers to your questions. Now mine: Why is the Woman so stressed. She is not the one working at microsoft so if the Male is laid off she can just get rid of him, right?

Thoughts said…
We participated in this day, too! Its was fun, but you guys were so smart to ask the bean questions about live chich-hens and fevvers. we forgots about those...

Theodore and Sasha
those was great questions. OUR mom didn't let us know about this day for today, so now SHE has to answer MORE questions tomorrow. HA.

say hi to Miles for us
We asked our Mom some questions today too...we're still waiting for the answers!!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids
Those were very impawtunt questions that all needed answering.
6 pounds of treats??? Do you think your mum would notice two extra kitties? We have been rationed to 4 a day each because of the evil D word.
Mom sez dat dey put wheat and corn in kitties foods and treats cuz dey is cheap fillers and dey is, um, the offspring of unmarried beans, but she uses a bad word. Our mom is in a lot of trouble, she din't let us know it was AYCQD and she din't get us 6 pounds of treats!
Just Ducky said…
I forgots all about question day, oh well. I guess I don't have much to ask.
You all had some very good questions, and your Mom did such a great job of answering them for you! She is very smart and very insightful too, you are so lucky to have her! And 6 pounds of treats, holy moley, your Mom is the best!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon

To my darling Pepi, I am so sorry I haven't posted or visited for a while, Momma is busy and distracted, but with good things as well as work, so she has been slacking with our bloggy. So to make up I am sending bunches and bunches of hugs and kissies to you, sweetie! And if it is okay I will teleport up to snuggle on the gizzy with you ...
Your girlfriendkitty,
Jimmy Joe said…
You guys have one of the hardest working Mommas in Blog Business, I think. And she is a good question-answerer!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

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