It's coming it's coming!

Answer Your Cat's Questions Day is coming! It's coming this time next week. January 22 efurry yeer! Put it on yore calendar! We only have a week to figure out all our questions for the humans!

Quick, get yore finking caps!

Whoa, Mini! That's a pawsome finking cap!

So let's all fink of what the human beans need to answer us. I bet Mini don't even need a finking cap tho. She'll ask bout treets. hehehe

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty


Karen Jo said…
I wonder what all the cats will want to ask their staff. It should be an interesting day. I hope that Mom Robyn's knee is feeling better. My Mom tore her meniscus years ago and had orthoscopic surgery to sew it back together. It has been fine ever since.
Hope Mom Robyn's knee is better.

We loves the thinking cap. The feather looks fun to play with.

We wants to know how our Daddy gets in Mommy's little blue phone. We can hear him talking in there when he is gone. ~S,S & C
That is a big thinking cap Mini. You can get lots of questions in there.
We are still purring for your mum's knee.
I am always questioning my person. However, the pressing one for this year is why on earth she has to live with that male... I find him so annoying.

I love your hat dear. In fact, I think my human got nearly the same hat for a friend when she got breast cancer and needed hats.
The Crew said…
Mini dear, that hat is bigger than you are!

Your friend

P.S. We like your new layout!
great hat!!!!

Sanjee, does you want to come ofur and help me wif my questions? - purrsss and nosekissies - yore boyfrieindcat Miles
Wowie, Mini, thats a grrreat finking cap. I wants one. But yours be big enuff fur all ours finking, too.
Hope Mom Robyn's knee is better, this cold weather probly isn't helping any.
We are sending purrs for Mom Robyn to get her Knee better.
Mini, that finking cap is beautious!

brandi and neighbor Mystery and of course, Mama Carol
meemsnyc said…
That is an adorable thinking hat!

PS, we love the new blog design.
Just Ducky said…
Wow, what a hat! I remember the first ask your human day. I found out all sorts of stuff about mum. Some of which I wasn't happy about.
Oh my! I don't know where to start. I don't even have a thinking cap. Maybe I should get one of those first...
Thoughts said…
we luv the thinkin cap! its purr-retty!

we puts the cat's quiestions day on our bean's calendar so we can b sure to asks her our questions.

sasha and theodore
susan said…
Mimi, when did you become a red hat lady-


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