Finally Knee... um.. Friday

What am I watchin? Mommy is hoppin up and down on one foot. She's gotted her knee surgery skeduled for Febbywary 10th. I dunno but she may be crazee cuz hafin my knee cutted on sounds nasty. But she sez she's happy to be on the way to gettin all this knee stuff ofur wif. So anyways, thot yall mite like to kno cuz so many of yall nice cats have asked bout her hurty knee.

Hope yall has a good Furriday! And don't let the beans hoppin round on one foot step on yore tale.
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty


The Creek Cats said…
We are glad your mommy's hurty knee will be getting fixed up soon!!
Diane G. said…
We hope that your tails are safe and that your mommy knee gets better soon.

Moe and Carmela
Sunny's Mommy said…
I'm glad she's having her surgery soon. That is excellent news! I hope all of you have a great weekend :-)
Linda said…
We're glad your Mama is going to have her knee fixed up. Doesn't sound very fun hopping around. Have a fun weekend.
Purrs & licks,
Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Butchy & Snickers
We are glad your mum has got a date for her knee surgery and that it is not far off. We are purring for her.
Tell your Mom to stop hopping. That can't be good for her knee. I am glad that she has surgery scheduled. We feel very lucky here in Washington right now--you have PIP which HAS to pay even if the other person is at fault and then your insurance goes after them for the money. No one has to wait the way your Mom did!
oh we're so glad the oper-way-shun is scheduled!

Hi my beautiful girlfriendcat!

purrsss and nosekissies- yore boyfriendcat Miles
Oh wow, surgery! I hope your moms knee gets all better. Ow.
I know all of you will take such good care of her

Just Ducky said…
Good that your mum will get her hurty knee fixed.
Well, I'm glad your mum is gonna get the hurty knee fixed. You all better be prepared for lots of purring and snuggling for a speedy recovery!
chin scritches,
Uncle Mo
Chesney Cats said…
We hope your mommy's hurty knee gets all fixed up & good as new!!

Our mama had a torn meniscus in both her knees a couple years ago. She had them operated on three months apart, it was pretty dangerous with her on crutches! She said the surgery wasn't so bad, the pain after the surgery wasn't as bad as the pain before.

We're purring that it goes easy for your mommy!!
We sure hope dat knee surjery goes really really good. Tell her to stop hopping tho or her other leg will get owchie.
Boy n Beethoven said…
Purrs that your Mommy's knees get better soon!

Just Ducky said…
Hey, I gave you guys an award.

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