Finally Friday

I want to look very purrty for the weekend with Othello. He's the nicest husbandcat ever. He says my round tummy is cute.

Mrs Gree Othello
Gree, Mrs. Othello, the light black sisfur


We haf to agree with him. You have a lovely tummy.
Miss Gree, that is some fine looking furs. You will knock Othello dead with it's beauty and shine.
That is a super great comfy bathing spot!
Judi said…
Gree is a gorgeous color. Othello is a lucky fellow.
Samantha & Mom said…
Oh Gree you are so beuatiful and Othello is one lucky fellow!! Oh my gosh, we rhymed!!!
Your (Thank God it is warm again!!!) FL furiends,
Parker said…
Your tummy is awesomely gorgeous!

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