Miles n Mommy

Please keep sendin purrs for my boyfriendcat Miles. I's furry concerned bout him. He hadta haf a bath even cuz he gotted dizzy and falled over inna  litter box. Poor Miles. He will hafta stay at the v-e-t all day Fursday. I'll telerport to stay at the v-e-t wif him, but it's still not gonna be much fun fur him. I will snuggle n comfort him lots n lots tho.

Mommy is heelin up, she says. Her neck doesn't hurt as much. Dat's good cuz she looks silly in that big collar thingy, and hopefully she don't gotta wear it much longer. Her knee is still hurtin lots, but not as much she says.  She talks about nails under the knee, and that sounds creepy. She has a purrty blue knee brace tho. It's almost as purrty blue as Mileses eyes.  Pleez send Mommy more purrs too so she can get that silly collar thingy off and get the nails out from under her knee.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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