The Hotties Repurrt

First, the most impawtant noos: We is ok!!!  Grandma Cat has been off werk this week, so we's been spendin more time wif her than on the puter.  Well WE has no time on the p uter hardly cuz Mommy hasta werk when she's not wif us n Grandma Cat.

Sanjee: I's doin ok. I's mad that somebuddy put a chare on my bed for a long time yesterdy while they crawled round on the floor messin wif puter wires n stuff.  I hollered and they moved it tho. I reely like

Boni Maroni: It's fire weather again! I love curling up in front of a toasty fire. I am very careful not to get too close to the fire screen and get my furs singed, though.

Mini: We've had ham and chick-hen and moo cow to eat this week. I discovered I like rice too. Rice isn't as yummy as chick-hen but it is still yummy.

Gree: It's been chilly, so I snuggle with Mom lots or go snuggle with Othello. Mom has a new bed warming gadget that I love. It makes the whole bed toasty and I can stretch out on it even when it's cold and I stay warm. I think it's called and electric blanket. I wish we could get one for all the furniture.

Pepi: I love how it makes Mom scream when I practice the Meezer 500 over hear chair and across her head.  She can scream REALLY loud.  That's just the right thing to help me move even faster.

The Beans: Grandma Cat has been hafin fun not werkin this week. She hadded to much fun and re'ranged my room tho. Oh well. It's good to haf her home. Mommy's bronk-itis wented away. She still has az-ma, but she always has dat. She's feelin better just bizzy bizzy tryin to earn green papers for our crunchies.

We's not blogged much but we's purrin and purrayin for alla our furriends in needs.  We loves yall and will blog more when we can!

Alla Us Hotties
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