Mancat Monday

As Mancat of the House, it's my duty to make a couple of announcements and corrections.

First, a correction. This weekend's posts that were in festivals did not include any links to the festival. Rut roh. The proper links are:

Weekend Cat Blogging
since LB and his Mom Mary are still on hiatus due to some sad private happenings
Salome hosted on Momma’s Foodblog this weekend

Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos
Hosted by Miles and Sammy Meezer

The Carnival of the Cats
With Chey’s human at My Big Fat Orange Cat

And they're fun to visit too.

Next, we did get a post together for Frisky Fall Contest. Mini entered for us! Her post is here if you want to see what a weird thing fall is around here.

Then I'd like to thank Victor Tabbycat who sent another good eye for Mom. Apparently it's helping because her eyes are allllllllllmost back to normal. Thanks Spin Doctor!

And last, as well as least, we have decided to be magnanimous and allow Mom to join the Cat Blogger Beans Social Facebook. Of course, if she neglects us and our blog, we will no longer allow her to be in said club.

Now I am going to visit my beautemous girlfriendcat Sabrina and see if she wants to take a nap on the Gizzy quilt. All this announcing is so tiring. 7 naps may be required.

The Pepster

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