Furriends Friday

There's all sortsa fun stuff goin on in the cat blogosphere these days! We's still on a short leesh so to speek cuz of Mommy's eyes... (She said fanks she's glad yall like her noo eyes. Then she rolled her noo eyes. Humans are weerd.).. anyways, so we can't do a lota the fings we'd luv to do cuz Mommy's gotta save her eyes for werks mostly. So we's gonna pro-moat the fun fings so efurrycat who can do them getsta know bout them.

Simply Siameseses Frisky Fall Contest!
There are way neato purrizes AND for efurry entry moneys goes to critters in need. Yay! Hmms maybe Grandma will help us wif that.

My HANDSUM Boyfriendcat Miles Meezer and his brofurs Sammy the Whapmeister and Billy Sweetfeets are hostin Bad KittyCats Festival of Chaos It's their furry first time efur! So pleez send lotsa posts. I'll hafta find one here. Hmmmms. Anyways, yoo can submit your post here or via mail at festivalchaos AT gmail [dot] com.

3rd Annual Cat Blogosphere Costoom Contest!

WE are sponsorin a purrize cattygory this yeer too!
Go peek and see what our cattygory is and the purrize too. (Hint: It's NOT black cats. hehehe)

Mom sez her eyes are rollin so we gotta go. We luv yall and we'll visit when Mommy's eyez aren't rollin n whapped out no mo.

Sanjee and the resta the Hotties
Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

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