Weekend Cat Blogging

Welcome to Weekend Cat Blogging!

Robyn the human here. I'm taking over the blog this weekend, as the cats want the weekend off. Apparently the cool fall weather here in Virginia calls for more napping than blogging this weekend. Go figure!

So I've brought Weekend Cat Blogging over here from my crystals and jewelry adventure blog. I wanted to do it all in one place; I'm only human, after all. ;) The cats will be happy to meow to you all about that bit later. hehe

To start things out here's my Mini.

Mini is kind of famous for always wanting food, around the cat blogosphere, even at Carnival of the Cats. Her motto is "FEED ME!" Really. She's like that. It gets pretty funny at times. I always have to laugh when she's inspecting a box like this to see if it's edible. "Mini, honey, that box doesn't taste good. Trust me on this one." Of course, being a curious cat, she had to try it herself. She ended up deciding I was right, apparently, and wandered off to find a handy food bowl instead. She's a trip. A sweety, and the only true lap cat of all the Hotties. But a trip too. hehehe

Let's visit other kitties. They're fun.

Salome over at Paulchen's is having a ball while Kashim watches and Othello keeps out of the way.

Cheysuli is guarding her hat from Gemini over at Chey's Place.

Amar and Luna are having a reflective weekend over at CatSynth.

Sophia at DivaKitty and the Fluffies has her pounce on!

Tripper tipped us off that it's Sleepy Saturday over at Skeezix's house.

Don't look now, but Kilroy the Love Beastie is too sexah for his blog.

Diamond Emerald Eyes shows us that cats can be victims of Domestic Violence too.

Sultry Samantha Black feels eyes upon her at Life From A Cat's Perspective. Could it be Mr. Tigger? Nahhhhhhhhhh. ;)

Phoebe is a Siamese Cat and she's looking good and checking out the autumn today over at her blog.

Kitikata-san shows how all kinds of animals can become friends, at least for a while.

Victor and Nina are thoughtful over at Victor Tabbycat and Nina the Torbie.

Mina at Photo Guylaine and Cuisine Guylaine looks like she loves flowers and they suit her well.

Diamond Emerald Eyes was a VERY GOOD GIRL at her photo shoot. She says so herself.

Over at Pet's Garden Blog, there's a new ride for the kitties. Oh, and Pet too ;) Pet also sends thanks for all the good wishes and prayers.

Quasi congratulates Hemingway's Cats on being able to stay in their home.

China Cat and Willow made LOLCats for this week's Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos and want to share them with us too. Way cool!

To join in the WCB fun with your kitty, or if you're a kitty, just drop your link here in the comments and I'll get it up for you.

I'd also like to ask for good thoughts, healing prayers, purrs, and any positivity you can find for Pet of Pet's Garden Blog, who's owned by the Bengal Brats. She and the Bengal Brats have participated in many cat festivities and carnivals. She has a spinal infection that the doctors just can't clear up, and now she's facing dangerous surgery in a month or two to keep it from tearing up her spine. Any good mojo you can send her, is wonderful and much appreciated.

Mini thinks stinky goodness is better than cardboard.

Please do put your Weekend Cat Blogging link here in the comments! I'll stop by a few times today to add your way cool kitty posts.

Thanks for coming to this WCB and joining in! Next week WCB ambles over to hang out with Niko & Cloud at Cats in Maryland.

(cheezy human imitation) Purrrrrrrs,

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