Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen
13 Fun and Cool and Good Things
by Sanjee

  1. The Lion in the Church!!! Dat's a BIG CAT to be hangin out in a church durin a hurrycane, and him and alla the people in the church survived to tell bout it.
  2. A way cool award from our pal Beezer. Oooooh fanks lots Beezer!!!
  3. Anofur way cool award from our pal Beezer! Wow, fanks Beezer, yoos too nice!

  4. I do not haf to go to the v-e-t today! (But I gotta go tomorry to get ray-bees stab. *sigh*)
  5. Not all pizzas take furever to be a'livered.
  6. It IS pawsible to make a purrfect hard-boiled eggy. Mini LOVES hard-boiled eggies!
  7. Junior's Meowms friend, Anna, gotted a mirycle! She wroted, "We have had a miracle!!!! I had my doctor’s appointment this morning and my spine is stable. The MRI shows clearly that I have a cyst in the L5-S1 disc. It’s the size of a large marble. So because I already have the narrowing there is not much space if any for my nerve roots as well as my spinal cord. The treatment will be very conservative. I will finish my steroids for inflammation. Then if I am still in pain they will take a needle and guide it through and puncture the cyst as well as putting medicine in the area. YOUR PRAYERS WORK!!! I am in shock and ecstatic that it went so well. I feel extremely blessed. I want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers, love, and support. Also when I got to work this morning I was offered a job that I wanted starting October 1st. How’s that for having your prayers answered?!?"
  8. Tomorrow is Meow Like a Pirate Day! MLPD is always LOTS of fun!
  9. Efun human beans can become Jellicle Cats!
  10. Fiona Bun is going to give us a lesson bout buns today!
  11. Alla our furriends that got runned ofur by Ike are ok, and that is WAY cool.
  12. Mommy's marbles has been founded!!!
    more animals
  13. If yoo don't unnerstand whut kids are sayin these days yoo can look it up. (Sum of these fings are nawty, so don't go there if yoo's a kitten or can't handle nawty.)

Haf a way cool fun good Fursday :)
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess. A'course Miles is way cool and fun and good, but I figgered maybe I shouldn't put him on that list a'cause I didn't want all the girlcats to be jealous of my handsum cool and fun and good boyfriendcat.

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