Caturday Noos

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty Sanjee noos: I was furry sneeky yesterdy. Mom left the PTU in my room Furday night. But I saw it. I KNEW she wuz gonna try to take me to the v-e-t to get shot or somefing on Furriday. So I hided. I hided in the big closet wayyyyyyy in the back. It's ezy for us mostly black cats to hide in shadows. hehe So when it came time for me to go to the v-e-t yesterday, Mommy couldn't find me!!! She called and she rattled my rattly mousies, but I was verrrrrrrrry quiet. So Mommy gaved up. Yay!

Pepi noos: Uh, yeah Sanjee. Since Mom couldn't find you, she catnapped me! I was just napping so nicely in my cat cup when she came and grabbed me and stuffed me into the PTU. The indignity. Can't a mancat even have a nap around here any more? She dragged me to the v-e-t and he shot me and mooshed my innards and weighted me an all sorts of not fun stuff. Uck. The only good thing I can say for it is that she did bring me back home. And she did give me a stinky goodness treat when I got home. Toona flavor. Yum!

Gree noos: My tail is twitching again. *sigh* It's not as bad as before though. I think it happened when I jumped off the table. Maybe Mom's right and I shouldn't jump on the table. Mom and Grandma know how to curl up with me and help me relax so it doesn't twitch too much. They're good at that now. And if I hurt, Mom still has some of the pain medicine. I don't have to go to the v-e-t about it unless my tail tries to move to a new house or something weird. Mom asked the v-e-t yesterday and he said that. Something like that anyways.

Mini noos: I am hungry. Feed me!!!!!

Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroniBoni noos: I like my cat cup bed. It's toasty now that it's getting cooler. Sour cream is tasty.

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