Weekend Cat Blogging #166

Welcome to the Weekend Cat Blogging #166
Special Food Edition of WCB in honor of Sher!

Our friend Sher loved food. She even came up with some amazing recipes and cooked darned yummy looking everything. We're sad we lost Sher on July 20th, but really glad we got to know her. So we are doing FOOD this week to honor her. Any kind of food. Or cats without food (there should NEVER be a cat without food!!!) because Sher loved her kitties so much and was a WCB regular host. I love food so much, that I get to be your host, Mini, for this special food edition. Yay!

Victor TabbyCat said, "I asked Mom what the WCB theme is an she asplained it, but wouldn't it be quicker to just say Nom!?" So Nom Nom Nom it is! hehehe

Did you know that Sher liked to cook foods that are yummy for cats too? LOOK at these very yummy fresh sardines! Laura the kitty seems to think they smell yummy cooking. Nom!

Jasmine has a BBB-WCB post for Sher. She made her mushroom balls and provided updates on Hagia, Zeus and that naughty but cuddly bullyboy Beanie. Sounds YUMMY! (Yeah, I like veggies. Mom says I'm a weird cat.

Lucky says that Egbert's craaaaabby at Lucky and Charmed. "What a way to get back into Weekend Cat Blogging." Well sometimes being crabby is just the right way to be. Especially if you don't have lots and lots of food.

Sher also made this yummy Ahi Toona Salad. NOM! (But why did she put the veggies in it?? Toona is purrfectly good without green stuff in it. But veggies are good too.)

Parker is showing off their Kittie Kookies for Sher! Nom! Kittie kookies!

Kelly Cat reports: No food, but a cat who loves food (Miss Lizzie Bennet) is in our post at It's all Good. I think that counts!

This is a steelhead trout Sher cooked. Doesn't it look NOM? I think it does. I want some!

Mr Milky over at Artsy Catsy has very hurty paws and a bad infection, so green papers or purrs and purrayers are a huge help to him. This is Mr Milky's first WCB post so please stop by and say hi to him.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy are saying "Whoa, how weerd is dis...we talked about food yesserday! Are dey sure yoo should be in charge of dis Mini? Yoo might just eat da entire innernets...hehehehe" Ahem. I will not eat the entire innernets. Just the yummy parts. hehehe

Sher showed EXCELLENT taste with this receipe. NOM NOM! It's Kampachi fish tartare! You know what that means, don't you? Real live dead raw fish! Yum!

Rosa didn't have time to cook one of Sher's recipes, but she and the kitties are showing up for WCB regardless. Way to go yall!

Willow tried to get to taste some of the hummus I made from Sher's recipe for WCB this weekend. Well of course. We cats are curious and hummus IS a food! So we have to try the foods!

DKM made Sher's tomato salad and I helped! So saith the DivaKitty. Very nice of you to be so helpful Sophia!

Meatballs Sher made! Anything with meat is yummy, if you ask me.

LB, Breadchick's Master and Lord says: Mom let me have the computer again this weekend after she took it with her on her business trip last weekend. I wrote about all the food she is going to make this week as part of the Pantry plan. Oh lots of food. Maybe I can go visit!

Kashim and Othello have a cool WCB post up about how to make yummy CAT FOOD! With a recipe! Woo hoo! I'm there, srsly.

Amar and Luna
have some cheese for the special food edition. Cheese is very Nommy!

Samantha Black and Tigger are celebrating the weekend at their place. Great thing to do.

Yes, there IS a cat in this WCB post. :) This cat is NOT a food! This is Laura the cat, the kitty who owned Sher. For those of you who were wondering, she's being taken care of by family now. The baby squirrels that owned Sher are being taken care of by other Wildlife Rescue folks. A couple of folks have said Laura should move in with us because she's definitely a mostly black cat. Mommy sighs and leaks a little and says we don't have room or green papers to take care of more kitties. So we're very glad Laura has family to take care of her cuz Mom would leak a whole lot of we had to turn her down.

I will decorate in the morning have got lots of Sher's yummy foods to decorate now. I think that's the best decorations, FOODS! (Mom went nuts and washed the windows from a tall rickety thing today yesterday, and cleaned everything, so I was late with my WCB post, sorry. But no food. Ugh. She is so nuts.) Right now I have to get some good food like Sher always fixed. Yeahhhhhhhhh. Foods!!!

Fanks for coming to this special WCB! Next week's Weekend Cat Blogging hosts are
Amar and Luna at CatSynth!


Pee Ess.
Oh, If you have a WCB post, just put it in the comments and I'll add you. I'll keep adding kitties and foodies until Sunday night!

Pee Pee Ess. Monty Q's babybean Sprout conked herself on her noggin Saturday. You can check the Cat Blogosphere Sunday for updates. Send purrs and purrayers too please, so she heals up all the way fast. :) Sad Update :( : Sprout died today. See the Cat Blogosphere for more info.

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