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Four Tails Down

We have our first ever Five Tails Down UN-Salute. This dreaded "award" goes to Four Paws Products, Ltd. They get it for not taking a dog toy off the market when it's been hurting some woofies since at least 2005. DOUBLE FOOEY on them! We are boycotting their products cuz we've gotta stick together with our fellow critters. Pet and the Bengal Brats brought Chai's story about this horrible dog toy to our attention. Poor Chai had to have his tongue amputated because of it :( You can read Chai's story here. It's horrible that this poor dog and others have suffered because Four Paws has not seen their way to discontinue and recall this dangerous toy. And for goodness sake, please boycott this Four Paws company. They are stinky but not goodness.

On a good note: Gree says VOTE FOR ME in the Doing the Q contest. Visit the Doin’ the Q site for voting info.

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