Furriends Friday

We had to remind Mom that we had a post for today that she didn't put it up. Then she put up our post about her stealing the Carnival, which was fine, but it was sposed to WITH our Furriends Friday post. Humans!

We have an old friend coming to visit. And a new friend that came to be a Hottie himself!

The old friend, aka introoder, who is coming to visit is....

Lucky from 2 doors down! You can see his house on our nayborhood map. (Mom proises she'll bet a better photo of him this visit.) His beans are on another vacation, something about the beach house being one quarter the cost of regular and can't miss that and so on. So he'll be staying with us a week. Sanjee left this morning to go to Miles' house before he got here, so we're not sure but she might stay there all week.

And look who the new Hottie is!

His name is Panther cuz he's a House Panther bear! He came all the way from Mary-land with a note that he came from VerMont to Monty Q's House, or maybe VerMonty is Monty Q's house in Mary-land? Whichever. But he wanted to be a Hottie because he thought he'd fit in. (You can see why.) Since he is cute and a House Panther bear and doesn't eat anything so far as we can tell, he's approved to be the newest Hottie.

We think Panther likes it here, but he is very quiet. We think he's shy. He seemed a little blue at first, so we brought him to the pee see to show him he could see his special friend Monty any time he wants. He seems cheerfuler now. See? He's waving hi there. He even has a long tail like the rest of the Hotties, which Mom says is unusual for bears. We guess he really is a Hottie! Thank you Monty Q for helping Panther get down here to be a Hottie!

For more news about our friends, stop in a CB. Mom the typist has to go back to bed now to nurse her cold. We guess she must be trying to make it feel better, since she is feeling some better herself.

Boni Maroni and the rest of the Hotties
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

Pee Ess. Mini says, "HELP ME get TREATS please!!! I'll get a treat for every submission to the Carnival of the Cats that's going to be at Mom's blog this weekend. So please submit. Lots. If you don't have time to email to carnivalofthecats(at)gmail DOT com or use the BlogCarnival form thingy, leave a note here in the comments and I will make Mom notice them. FANKS!" Purrrrrrrrrs!

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