Carrying Hugs to Sad Friends

Violette Noelle "Sprout"
Gone to God far too soon.
We love you little girl, and we love your family.
Purrrrrrrrs and purrayers.

We are still very sad that Sprout had to go to Heaven. So many sweet cats and their humans have wanted to do something to help out Sprout's and Monty Q's family. One thing those who can are doing is contributing so that Millie's Mom, who was Sprout's godmother, can get to the funeral. Others are leaving them messages. Others are posting tributes. Others are sending cards. Still others are lighting candles for Violette "Sprout" and her family here. Some are doing all these things. What a great bunch of cat people! A few who live close enough are going up to the funeral, too. We are sending Mom Robyn up for us.

Since everycat can't go, and some are so far that even a card will take a long time to get there, Mom is going to carrying the good wishes of all the critters of the Cat Blogosphere with her. She will also take hugs from everycat and critter and bean with her. See the hugs?

Hugs come in all shapes and sizes.

For every single cat or critter friend or human friend who asks here on this post, we will print out a hug for Mom to take to Sprout's family. Let us know how many are in your family so we can print out a hug for each of you. You can also send a note or a good wish, graphic, or if you want, a print out of your tribute post. Just let us know here in this post and we will print it and take it to them. It's our little way of passing on the love and hugs even though all of our cat blogosphere friends can't come in purrson.

For updates on how the family is doing, and what the cats of the blogosphere are doing to help out how we can, visit the Cat Blogosphere blog. If you want to send a card to the family, you can get their address from Millie's Mom darlingmillie AT gmailDOTcom or DKM at adivakitty (at) gmail DOT com.

the Hotties
Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

Pee Ess. Pepi is sad but also excited that Sabrina has agreed to be his girlfriend. He wanted to give up his Midnight Mancat Monday post for Sprout, though. So he will tell you more later.

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