Stupid Fox, Weerd Day

The Richmond SPCA got fooeyed tryin to help a feral cat colony behind WRLH FOX (we refuze to link to thems) heer in Richmond a'fore FOX bulldozed the cat colony's home all down. Here's the story. Mommy didn't heer bout the poor kitties habbytat until today, but she called and got a "fank yoo for callin we'll leaf a message" but no nuffin else. Mommy was furry sad and furry ashamed of them FOX tv people here in Richmond.

But when Mommy got an email from the SPCA sayin today they were hafin a 'dopshun n awareness event nearby there where the nasty people at FOX bulldozed the cat habitat dis week. AND it said that humane societies people were out there at the bulldozed place rescuin kitties. Lotsa the feral kitties gotted away cuz they ranned from the bulldozers. Yay!

Mommy gotted the emale at 12:10pm and it started at 12:30pm! So she ran and got Uncle Milty and they wented down there. They got to talk to peeple and see kitties for adopshun. (But I tolded Mommy I would bite her if she brought any more kitties home cuz we's outta room and way outta green papers.)

Heer's sum of the people at it reel early when Mommy and Uncle Milty gotted there.

They tried to talk Mommy into doptin kitties or woofies. She tolded them that HotMBC was already filled up wif 5 rescyooed kitties and they said ok. Mommy and Uncle Milty talked wif them bout ferals and ofur kitty stuff too. And Mommy gave them what green papers she could.

Heer's the Tail Wag'N. It's the SPCA's speshul on the road 'doption van. It takes kitties and woofies all ofur to find noo furever homes.

Uncle Milty found a kitty to play wif inside the Tail Wag'N. Mommy tried to talk him into takin the kitty home, but he saided he couldn't afford anofur kitty and Rikki would be mad anyways.
(Mommy didn't fuss cuz Uncle Milty is on disabillitee cuz of a heart purroblem, so he don't got lotsa green papers.)

Momy played wif a spunky black stripey kitty.

This is Blanche. Mommy said her eyes leaked cuz she couldn't take Blanche home. She knows how hard it is for adult kitties to find homes. She smiled a lil tho when she reelized that at least Blanche had her own snuggle.

Then the tee vee people frum WRIC 8 (NOT from that icky FOX plase) askeded if they could innerview Mommy bout why she camed. She said yes. So Mommy mite be on the noos on tee vee tonite! She was gettin her pikshur taken and talkin to the innerview lady when s he sawed and hearded a car accident behind the noos peoples she was talkin to!!! Eeek! Uncle Milty and a buncha ofurs called 911 rite then 'mmediately.

See those peoples in bloo shirts. Those are SPCA peoples!!! They ranned rite ofur and were the very furst ones on the seen at the aksident to see if the peoples in the cars were ok!!! They broughted the peoples inthe cars cold water bottles to hold or drink to try to keep cool cuz it was like 100F. Weren't they nise? We're purroud of them. Mommy ranned ofur too and stayed wif the peoples in the aksident and talked to thems and kept checkin on thems until the ambulance people and police peoples came. One lady hadta be taken off on one of thems back boards and two ofur guys had hurted necks. We will purr lots for them to be all ok.

A'course, now Mommy is heat sik and got sunburns from bein out in the hothot weather fur so long. She's furry glad she got to go tho, and suppawt the SPCA and help the people in the aksident a lil . So we're pourin waters in her lots and lots and gonna sit on her and make her nap now.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess. Sammy Meezer asked if the lady in the bloo shirt who saided she wanted to support the SPCA was Mommy. Yep, it wuz. Mommy sez she has a whole 14 minnits and 45 sekonds of fame left fur this lifetime. hehehe

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