Midnight Mancat Monday

As mancat of the house, I have to clear up a little something that Boni said yesterday. I did not decide to be spoiled and move into the house. Me and Gree were happy being spoiled outside. Then Mom had a fit and jumped up and down and screamed and said we were moving inside or ELSE! She said she couldn't stand me pulling her leg and barely running past the wheels of her metal monster when she came home. She said she was going to have a heart attack over it one of these days. She said lots of colorful things too, that I won't repeat in case kittens are reading. Silly Mom the drama queen. So anyway, that's how me and Gree ended up getting totally spoiled living inside. I do like the fact that there are no skeeters to bite my ears and nose and make them bleed. And food 24/7 that no squirrels and coons try to steal is nice. And I love napping on my Gizzy. So it's not all bad. But *I* didn't have a choice in it, and I'd still like to go outside sometimes. Mom says over her dead body, though. Oh well. I can always telerport over to see Sabrina, or Kashim, or Victor, or.... well, you get it.

your bud Pepi

A note to Sabrina the lovely Meezer Lady: Sabrina, I had a wonderful, wonderful time with you at the wedding and reception and later in the evening. You're a wonderful very special friend. Purrrrrrrrrs, Pepi

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