Getting Ready

Gosh there's lots to do for a wedding. I'd have begged Othello to elope if I knew how much work it is! But aw, it's going to be lots more fun this way. Look at all the mess all over the sofa, though. hehehe Well, it's messy and fun. I can't wait til Caturday!

I'm suspicious about what Pepi's been up to. He's been sneaking around a lot. And going back and forth to the M-Cat's Club. And I think I smelled nip cigar on him last night. I think he's going to pull a trick on us. Brofurs!

Oh, and I'm supposed to tell you that the wedding will be Caturday, June 21st, on the wedding blog, and then we'll have our chatzy reception starting at 12 noon PST (1pm MST, 2pm CST, 3pm EST). Othello and I will be at the reception for about two hours, then we're going to our honeymoon at the secret place he won't tell me about. Yall can all party on the Hawaiian beach as long as you want, though!

I can't wait! ::bounce bounce bounce::

Psssssssssssst. Guys, yeah you guys. Us guy cats are having a surprise Bachelor party for Othello today over at the M-Cat's club. Come on over guys and party seriously. Let's see if we can make Othello turn red. heheh And eat a lot too. Come on over, the party will go on late into the night.

Pee Ess. Grandma Cat's daddy has eye surgery today. Please send him some purrs if you can. Fanks!

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