Remembering Bonnie

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We'll always miss our furriend Bonnie Underfoot. She was an inspirational grumpus and feisty to the end. She always told it like it is. We lit a candle for her way to the Rainbow Bridge. We know her and Chloe will meet up at the Bridge and probably hiss in greeting, but they'll get to like each ofur.

The Cat Blogosphere is having HUGS weekend cuz we're sad and miss Bonnie. But Bonnie was the original Attack Tabby. So we're having Attack Hugs Weekend :)

See you later at the Bridge, Bonnie. We love you.
(((((((((( ATTACK HUG)))))))))))))
Victor, dude, if you get lonely, come on over and somecat will oblige and whap you. We'll come see you too.
(((((((((( ATTACK HUG)))))))))))))
Bonnie and Victor's bean fambly, we'll be purring for you and you can telerport ofur too if you can figure out how.
(((((((((( ATTACK HUG)))))))))))))

Alla Us

Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

Pee Ess. If our typist wasn't so tired from fighting with her blanketyblank shopping cart, we'd get her to type more. Oh well, crazy typists happen.

UPDATE 4:38pm: Gree is sick :( :( :( Pinched nerve or neurological problem or something or maybe she caught insanity from me. :( :( :( And it's a holiday weekend and I have no money to take her to the ER vet. Please purr for Gree please. Update 6:47pm: Gree is fine now. talked to er vet, he said since it's stopped and she's not in pain at the moment, wait... if it happens again (has several times now) to bring her in if she seems like she's in any pain or loses any control. UPDATE 7:48pm: Thank you all so much. It makes me cry how sweet you all are. Me and Gree are heading to the ER vet now. UPDATE 11:28pm: Gree's ok. She was in pain earlier, which is why I took her to the ER vet, but after the hour and a half to get in to see a vet she was back to no pain, no twitches, no nothing except not wanting to be poked and prodded. Xrays didn't even show any reason for it. But there's nothing obvious wrong with her. Could be a pinched nerve, but at the moment it's unpinched. I have pain meds for her in case she hurts later, and she's going to sleep with me tonight. So I think we're all ok. Thank you all so much. I'll thank each of you tomorrow, personally, after I get some rest.

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