I putted my paw down today! The goofy typist web purrson hasn't caughted up our bloggy template in a long time. So I maded her werk on it today.
(Rite after she ran round like a reel crazy purrson cuz of a wasp. I finks the wasp wuz skeered of the crazy purrson.)
I'm purrty sure she lefted out sum stuff. I'll try to find it and tapes it to her noze so she'll a'member to add it too. If she don't snort diet coke outta her noze it'll be ok.

Anyways, one reezin Mommy didn't haf as much time today is cuz the innernets was taken ofur by evil overlords n wasn't werkin.

And then she hadta go look after our furriend Rikki who lifs wif Uncle Milty. Uncle Milty is in Hotlanta visitin his dotter, so Mommy's helpin Rikki out so she don't get too longly or go hungry or nuffin.

Mommy took sum pikshurs wif her fone to prove she reely was doin that and not runnin off and playin wif human toys or somefin. Heer's Rikki gettin sum yummy stinky fish goodness. (Mini is very jellus!)

Hmmms. Dat looks purrty tasty. I fink I'll go haf sum crunchies.


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