Thursday Thirteen #23

Thursday Thirteen #23
Thirteen Reezins Our House Should Not Be Called House of the (Mostly) Comatose Cats
(or worse, the House of the Completely Comatose Cats)
Just cuz Mommy hadded a Mousey in her Bedroom

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty
by Sanjee wif help from suppawtive furriends

  1. Mommy didn't efun tell us there was a mousy in her bedroom that nite. So how was we sposed to know when we's nappin in ofur rooms!
  2. Like Monty Q saided, that mouse probably wasn't that big, so it wasn't worth going after.
  3. One mousey isn't enuff to feed alla us, so we couldn'ta deeside who'd get to eat it anyways.
  4. We cats don't catch mousies on command - that seems a little too close to work for us, and we all know that cats DON'T work. Just like Gypsy and Tasha saided.
  5. We'd hafta change all our bloggy stuff and that's way too much trubble.
  6. Mommy would be unhappy hafin to cleen up the carkasses of dead mousies if we gotted up to catch thems, like Jasper's Mommy's furriend.
  7. We now has a Catstitushun like Samantha and Tigger a'minded us.
  8. Sumtimes sleepin is more impawtant than huntin, like Daisy saided.
  9. Like Sunny's Mommy saided, it musta not been a mousey cuz we woulda smelled it and we's not interruptin our naps to go after Mommy's imaginashun!
  10. Mommy didn't efun offer us the goin rate for mousey exterminashun - that's at least 10 treats like Bonnie saided. Prolly more.
  11. It would ruin our reputashun wif our furriends.
  12. How does she know it was a mousey if she didn't efun get up and look at it? If it wasn't her imaginashun, it was prolly the wind.
  13. "The Comatoseys" sounds reelly stoopid, not cool like "The Hotties".

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Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

And my fursiblings agrees!
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

Pee Ess. We's buildin a noo pee see startin tonite and silly Mommy wantsta rearrange when we does it. We won't be able to get to our bloggy or efun emale for like 2 whole dayz!!! We's gonna get wifdrawals and Mommy sez maybe we hasta go into innernets rehab fur the shakes. So we's purractisin singin already.

They’s tryin to make us go to rehab
We sez no, no, no
Yes we is black, but when we comes back
You wont know, know, know.
We aint got the time,
And if we thinks we's fine,
Mommy's tried to make us go to rehab,
We wont go, go, go.

No innernets rehab for the
of the
Black (not Comatose)

We'll be bak fast as we can build the noo pee see. Or maybe we can find Mommy's plastic fingy and just buy one reely quik insteads.

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