Squillions Saturday

Did yoo know it's Squillions Saturday? Yep, it iz. That's so's we can all cellybrate Squillions all weekend! So check out the Squillions contest.

Squillions, The Contest is here! Big contest. Big purrizes — including prizes for the winners and prizes that help out our furriends in need, the Meezers. Yoo don't efun hafta have yore own Squillion to enter!

EXTRA EXTRA: Do yoo fink Victor Tabbycat has a cute butt? (Grandma Cat sez so.) Do yoo fink he's a funny guy? (We finks so.) If yoo doo, go vote for his LOLVictor ofur at I Can Has Cheezburger. (And send all yore furriends so his LOLVictor gets up on the front page of ICHC!)
And go gif him happy purrthday purrs today, it's HIS PURRTHDAY!

AND go visit Cheysuli and gif her happy purrthday purrs too! Crab cakes n salmon in Italy -- it's a party!

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