Tuxie Toosday

I am a very lucky tuxie. Look at what Dr Tweety sent me for Valentine's Day! (The mean ole neighbor gotted it, so it came to me late, but that's not Dr Tweety's fault.)

Lookie! For me!

Dr Tweety wasn't sure what kindsa foods to send since I can't eat wheats. So he sent mousies! Mousies are great!

And a card that says he's stuck on me. hehehe
It even sorts looks like him.

Oh look, a real live Dr Tweety Valentine card :) :)
He's so handsum!

Poor Dr Tweety's fambly is having a hard time though. Delilah is still not feeling good and may have to go on seizure meddycines. And his Mommy is very sad because she lost her best friend recently and Delilah is sick. And they all have to eat diet kibbles because Delilah needs to lose weight for her health. Dr Tweety is not crazy about diet kibbles and misses his blogging friends and is sad for his Mommee and Delilah too. So please send them lots and lots of purrs to recover and heal and feel better fast. They're all super.

I'm going to telerport over and take Dr Tweety some of the treats I have left from the Carnival of the Cats so he will purr happy. Don't you think that's a good idea?

And nosekissies to Dr Tweety the best Valentine ever,

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