Carnival of the Cats #206

Welcome to the Carnival of the Cats #206! I'm Mini and I'll be your hostess today since I gets a treat for every Carnival entry because I begged a lot (photo below). My fursiblings thought that was only fair. I thought I should be eating the treats instead, but oh well, maybe it is fair.

I got treats now, tho, so let's go see all the cats in the Carnival! I know it's a lil early -- not nearly 6pm CST -- but we want to see our furriends now anyways. I'll add newcomers as they come in throughout the day so nocat gets left out. (Plus I'll get more treats that way.)

THE LIGHT FANTASTIC over at Blog d'Elisson is ... guess what! "Killitkillitkillit!" Can yoo guess now?

Sawyer is comin along for sum Carnival fun from No Deep Thoughts.

Mike Is Here! over at the THE CAT REALM. And check out that telerportation device!

Perfectly Parker, is walking down memory lane with Wayback Wednesday and her motto is "Love is all we need!" Has it been a year already, Parker? Wow!

Tortie Tuesday - Onion, Anyone? And Tybalt the Prince of Cats, wants to know "Who knew onions could be so much fun?"

Check out the The Many Faces of JB! over at JB's Small World. I never noticed before, but with those purrty blue eyes, JB reminds me a little of a very handsum cat I know. hehehe

Vincent wants to know Would you vote for me? Please? posted at The Adventures of Vincent & Mike, saying, "Vincent has entered the rug sucking monster photo contest, even though he don't like da rug sucking monsters, cuz he wants to try to win the prize moneys for the shelter him and Mike came from. Everykitty can vote once."

Let nocat mistake what this cat thinks in Decision 2008.

TC at The Poor Mouth says I'm pleasantly plump lard boy! posted. That means TC must get lots of treats. I'm jealous!

Treats! See my treats!

I was so excited, I wrote a song about when I first came to the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats. (Sung to the tune of Toucha Touch Me)

I was feelin done in
Couldn't win
I'd only ever hissed before
I thought there's no use betting
On the humans petting
It only leads to trouble
And baths wetting

Now all I want to know
Is how to go in
I've tasted treats and I want more
I want to go the distance
I'll put up no resistance
I've got treats to eat
I'll be soooo sweet

Feeda Feeda Feeda Feed me
I wanna be faaaaaaaaaaaaatty
I've got a tum to fill I'll chow with a will
Feeda Feeda Feeda Feed me
I wanna have more
Hug me Pill me but Feed me
Creature of the House

*coff* How'd I do?Now let's go see more cats in the Carnival.

Joana the human wonders Do I Really Want to Know? about Denalie the cat and thinks "Denali is plotting her next move."Joana is probably right. hehehe

One of our favorite Purresidential Candidates Cheysuli discusses Meezer Monday:President?s Day over at her blog. (Well, Chey is *our* favorite, but she might not be yours. But don't tell her that.)

Uh oh. Edison is in trouble over at anniemiz for Stinking Outside the Box posted at annemiz CLAIMS, "Edison starts marking!" Even if he did, he probably has a good reason. Some humans!

We all wish a big Farewell to the Mites & Tortie Family from Missy, KC and Bear's blog. Have a grand adventure finding your furever homes!
Over at TacJammer Baby Got Bag , YES! Gotta bag! That's almost as good as treats!

Abby says it's Finally Friday at MANX MNEWS. I really hope it was Finally Friday on Friday instead of today or she's a lil behind. But she shouldn't feel bad even if she's behind. We did Wordless Wednesday on a Thursday one time.

Furbaby Friday says sniff lick sniff lick pet pet snuggle yawn What IS going on over at Texas Oasis? Looks fun to me. :)

K T Cat is a lolcat over at The Scratching Post. Can you believe it? Yep, I do after seeing it. hehehe

Coca Takes a Break with Elms in the Yard, and frankly, we don't blame her at all.

JB sends a Message in a Bottle to Doggies All Over the World from JB's Small World. We want to know about that too, JB.

Chance Bond wants to Fanks Effurrywun! for the purrs. And check out his way cool collar tag.

Latte the Meezer likes to have Fun with the Big Brother. I think you're brave, Latte. Furry brave.

Enquiring Felines Want to Know: What's That White Flaky Stuff? over at This, That & The Other Thing.

There's treats in this ball too!!!

More visiting our friends in the Carnival too. :)

Not the Mama and the gang say Good-bye, Callie over at Purrchance To Dream. It's a happy sort of byebye though, some ways.

The silly human over at composite drawlings says Killer Peanut strikes fear into nobody. Well, maybe not, but Peanut got what she wanted. hehehe

Harley is not happy about all the snow over at Howling Hill.

Aloysius of Catymoloby tells Why cats are much better than dogs, part 4 and you know, me and my fursiblings agree.

Over at Lab Kat check out the Attitude Edition. We cats love 'tude.

Omnibus Driver shows us Scenes from the Show - 2008 posted at Lincoln State Cat Club. More purrty kitty!

Stop by Finally Friday with Samantha and Tigger who disagree about in the tent or outside the tent at Life from a Cat's Perspective. (And they left me a really nice note that they hope I get lots and lots of treats. Fanks yall!)

Bill says HI over at Meezer Tails, The Meezers are saying "meet our new brother" along with other choice words that are fortunately not in this post. hehe

StrangeRanger shows us Miracle on Linoleum. Definitely a Miracle.

Don't miss the LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for the Third Sunday in Lent posted at meeyauw, saying, "Water from roks, kittyz ar happy wehn dogz bark, and Jebus in ours littrboxz . . . all this week!"
Karl and Anastasia show us Saguaros! over at THE CAT REALM.

Katie proves that Puddy's Comfort is My #1 Priority at A Byootaful Life.

BROTHERLY LOVE??? at My Cats and Funny Stories. Gattina isn't convinced.

Flynn says "I wuz very eggsited on Thursday when My Purrize furrom Sassy arrived," over at Our life by Eric and Flynn

Sissy Willis says "Since it was in the New York Times, I don't take it at face value" posted at sisu.

All is fine, thank heaven! at Momma Grace & Company. Phew! We're glad ot hear that!

Churchill is new and he's learning all about the Cat Blogosphere and he found a nip ravioli and was Kat's Cat of the day!

Peek-a-boo! at catCatSynth, hehehe Talk about When cats dress up at sisu.

They're MISSING FLUFFY TAZ + BANDIT over at SANDWICHED MOM!. This is their first CotC, so let's go say hi!

Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat, say "Bonnie and Victor each got a Kitty Kuddler - sort of." on Fursday.

Mog and Meowza go to town with Tummy Tuesday #79 and Good News and Mancat Monday at Mind of Mog. (Whoa! 3 treats! Cool!)

I'm so happy yall came and I got treats that I'm rolling around!

And here's MORE furriends! Woo hoo!
Derby has a Resting Weekend over at his blog, AND he won a neato prize!

Yaffa has a presents favorite sleeping spot and it looks furry comfy to me.

Kashim & Othello are not sure it's Easy like Sunday? but Gree is all swooning to see Othello back online.

Diamond Emerald-Eyes at Diamond's Lair, warns us about Blurry Head Syndrome According to Diamond, "This is an article on BHS, which affects many cats, all over the world!" This is a furry impawtant Feline Service Announcement for sure.

HRH Yao-Lin presents Attending the Oscars at Yao-lin's Yawnings, saying, "Come see my outfit for the oscars!" Way cool Yao-Lin!

There's a problem with the tortie.... over at Missy, KC and Faith. Just read the sign. It proves it. hehehe

I'll add newcomers too (cuz I always want more treats) until sometime in the evening when my typist gives up.

More TREATS! Oh, I mean more cats! hehehe

We get a two-fer of Frootbats over at Chat Aux Sphynx! Frootbats are so cool!

And the Tough A** Torties Association is open for business! (Boy there's some very scary torties over there. Not!) Calling all Torties to join up and send in their stories and get the way cool badge that Ann of Zoolatry made!

Jimmy Joe and Coco have it Easy Like Sunday Morning over at Jimmy Joe's Pad. I love that sunbeam!

The gang at This, That, and the Other Thing have it Easy Like Sunday Morning too!

And so does Gypsy at Kaz's Cats!
FINAL TREATS COUNT: 56!!! Oh cat, I'm gonna be chowing down all week. Fanks yall!

Next week's
Carnival of the Cats is being hosted by the great cats and lady over at Grace and Kittens.
Fanks so much for all the treats!!!

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