Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos #27

Edition 27
Optional Theme: Cats in Hats

Now, we must be very bad kitty cats here at HotMBC because we do not like hats at all. In fact, we refused to wear any for the festival. That's how bad we are! But Mommy had torchured us durin 2007 wif hats, so we'll show yoo some past hat torchur while we goes n visits our furriends.

Me, Sanjee, Torchured wif Halloween Hat

Nora is a cat who lives with a piano teacher, and she also loves to play the piano, as you will see in the video. Nora's solo is later followed in the video by a duet with a piano student.

Felis grumpicattus has been spotted ofur at A Whirled Yarn.

Abby says there's been an injustice over at Manx Mnews, but what the heck, it's time for a carnival.

Parker shares her (Stupid) Tiara Tuesday Tale.

Tybalt's Friday Movie Revew is on Sweeney Todd. Mommy is droolin. She lufs that Johnny guy. *sigh*


Watermark saves cat links from Ample Sanity for posterity.

Feline Friday: State of the Litterbox over at This That and the Other thing.

Meowza over at Mog's is content, and shows off the lufly tummy, and again. But Meowza gets own tummy pic in on own blog here.

And don't miss the LOL Cat Bible: Lectionary Readings for this week.


meeyauw shares Pansy's "Life Poster": How To Make It. This is a cool way online to make a collage of your kitty life!

Which bad kitty did it???


You'd almost think Luna over at Catsynth likes the catsitter!

It was Lazy Caterday over at Pet's Garden Blog.

Upsie got a package!!!

Time for the weekend edition at the Tuxedo Gang Hideout.

Artsy Catsy has posted a furry impawtant FBI Alert: Rocky Impersonator!!

Samantha and Tigger are glad they're not really Cats in Hats? But wait, there's hats. I's confused!

Boni Maroni

Kaz's cats come in with Gypsy's Gotcha Day Story on Story Sunday and Tasha's 7 Weird Things Meme.

More kitties joined us as the day went on!

Stop by Pet's Garden Blog for some Sunday nappage.

Meet Charlie the professional Guest Cat.

China Cat goes in to her tent to get away from the freezing cold.

Willow Cat is taking it cozy and easy on Sunday morning.

Hope yoo had fun at the Bad Kitty Cats festival of Chaos this week! I'll add more kitties as they come in later tooday. Fanks for comin!

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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