The Cats Go On

Mom Robyn steps in. Or sits in, under the meandering Mini...

You can't stop a cat from doing much of anything.

Probably one of the most bittersweet posts I've ever seen came last week when Laurence Simon, King of the Cat Bloggers, posted that The Merry Go Round Broke Down. He's abdicating the throne.

We knew he was ready to pass on the Carnival of the Cats to another. After all, I already know where it is moving after the first of the year, and folks have fingers flying wildly across keyboard getting ready. The Merry Go Round isn't broken; it's just moving. The address will still be at even. The cats just keep going on. And this is a good thing.

But hey, Laurence, as far as we're concerned, you can abdicate, but you'll always be the King of the Catbloggers. And yeah, I'm giving you an award. You'll no doubt snort and make other noises, but that's just too bad.
I got it from Miles Meezer for my work with the Cat Blogosphere. (Thanks Miles!) So you get it too, for getting through this year with CotC, even when many times you were just burned out. You did it, and that's something. Thanks for the Carnival. Without you it wouldn't have been at all. Take the award or not, I'm still giving it to you.
The Extraordinary Gold Star Award was created by - Storm, The Furry Fighter - and is for Bloggers who have achieved or done something special. The award celebrates beyond what is ordinary or usual.
1) Post the explanation and rules of the award and link back to the blogger who presented you with the award and repeat the reason why you received it.
2) Pass the Award on to two other Bloggers who you think deserve it and explain why. Ok, so I'm breaking this rule for now -- Laurence gets it, and maybe someone else later when the green gunk in my head is gone.
You cats, go submit a post to the last Carnival at Laurence's castle. Let's send the King off in style.


Speaking of Cats going on. The hosts for WCB moved over the holiday and don't have internet access. So last night, a call went out at the last minute for someone to volunteer to do it in their place. Sure enough, the cats are going on. :) Weekend Cat Blogging #134 has moved to a new location for this weekend! Samantha Black and Tigger will be standing in for Kashim and Othello and hosting WCB at Tuxedo Gang Hideout. Kashim and Othello's Mom moved them all to a new house and they're not expecting to have internet access until sometime in January. Fank yoo LOTS Sam n Tigger! We reely appreciates it!!!
(see the week’s& host to enter your WCB post in the comments for the weekend roundup)

And the
Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos is at Zed Monster at Bad Kitty Cats Festival Home Optional Theme - Feathers or Birds (submit your post here)

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