Another year already?

WOW! It's hard to beleeve that it's been a yeer already. Time flies fast fast like a reely big birdie. (Not a fev-ver butt birdie tho.) We's hadded a good yeer tho and we's reddy for next yeer to be efun better! Here's just some a the stuff that's gone on this yeer.

Gree got a boyfriendcat! She finks Othello is the best and most handsumest boyfriendcat efur.

Mommy got her head fixed. Well, as fixed as human bean heads efur get. hehehe She's not nearly so grumpy now and that makes us furry happy.

Mini even found a sweety who likes the fact that she has a reely good appetite!

Samantha and Tigger gived us a noo nickname: The Hotties! We didded a poll to see if cats thoughted it was weird or cool and heer's the reesults.It's cool! So we're the Hotties.

We got a NOMSS furriend, Hops the mini-lop.

We started makin Nip Raviolis.
(Ok, we make the cat staff *make* them. But we do the quality control testing.)

Pepi got adopted by Kashim and Othello as a brofur. So now he doesn't just have sisfurs. That made Pepi furry happy.

Pepi admitted he finks Kaze is beautiful and he sent her a Valentine's card. He also started taking whap... errrrrrrr alien WHATching lessons from Sammy Meezer, the Whapmeister. We pawticipated in Blogblasts for Peace wif Mimi and a gabillion squillion ofur bloggers. We got a Gizzy Quilt. We lost way too many furriends and that was very sad. But we made lots more furriends and that was very happy. We got word that Carnival of the Cats needed a new home and are gettin it moved to the Cat Blogosphere which we fink is way cool.

Phew, I can't list no more. I need a NAP! I got to have my beauty rest cuz today we go to Dr Tweety's party for Noo yeers! Come on ofur, he's invited alla us cats.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Sisfurs! Sheesh. I am as unimpressed with Sanjee taking over Mancat Monday as I am with these socks of Mom's.
Dr Tweety's party for Noo yeers is going to be impurressive, though. 592 Peking ducks. ::drool::
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