Weekend Cat Blogging #129

Welcome to Weekend Cat Blogging #129, the Thanksgiving Edition!

Whether cats live in the US and this is Thanksgiving weekend, or in Canada and celebrated Thanksgiving in October, or in another part of the world where there's no official thanksgiving holiday, we all have something to be thankful for. We officially declare that you can borrow our Thanksgiving holiday any time you want. We're happy to share! We are fankful to have friends all over the world!

We're thankful for all our furriends all over the world.
Cat bloggers and food bloggers and other bloggers
and even folks who don't blog!

Let's see what our cat furriends were up to this week for Thanksgiving and stuff.

Mankie was naughty catlike this week and got caught. Oops. Mandy, of course, was not involved at all.

Artsy Catsy is being artsy for a couple of causes! "Starting on Black Friday, and continuing all weekend, Artsy Catsy is raising funds for the Cat Blogosphere and for the Rescue Farm, with Christmas gifts for kitties and woofies, and holiday bling for beans, too! Come see!!"

Gattina is wondering: Why does Rosie always put her mice toys in food bowls ?? Maybe she wants them to have a Thanksgiving feast too? We said she could borrow our Thanksgiving holiday if she wanted.

Oh man(cat), there's an After Thanksgiving Hangover over at Manx Mnews.

Did Purresidential Candidate Cheysuli have a bit too much turkey at Thanksgiving? Or just enough? We'll let you decide.

Zed Monster and the Bad Kitty Cats actually gave their human a day off for Thanksgiving. They just napped through it. Naps are good anyways.

Upsie had SHRIMPS for Thanksgiving! And got a cool kitty scarf on Black Friday. Maybe we'll go over to Upsie's next Thanksgiving for real live dead shrimps.

Rudy took on the every-impawtant job of preparing for Thanksgiving guests at Parker's house this year.

Bustopher and Harmon have been enjoying and fighting over some very cozy sleeping spots lately. Maybe they helped Rudy from Parker's prepare for Thanksgiving? hehehe

Mom gave Gree and Pepi some turkey!
We hope all our furriends got good things to eat like turkey.

Tina has interesting taste in foods, but had a relaxing thanksgiving. (Mom, can we try some of that? Tina thinks it tastes good.)

Amar is away visiting fambly in Noo York for Thanksgiving, but Luna's happy that her favorite cat sitter is pampering her.

It's Thanksgiving weekend, and Sasha is begging... but for what?

Kamikaze is doing very important taste-testing to teach tigers something. Hopefully the tigers are thankful for such great instructions.

Derby had an exciting weekend with critters of all sorts, even the floral sort.

Kashim and Othello helped Astrid with her food blog this weekend. And got treats!

Victor Tabbycat shows off some Thanksgiving ham and gives an impawtant lesson in keeping your beans properly groomed.

Maybe even Miles had enough ham for Thanksgiving?
Or not. We're not entirely sure it's pawsible.

Are they having a human slave uprising at Pia's? You decide.

If you want to know why Rosa is envious of the kitties' peaceful way of sleeping, here's why.

Samantha Black and Tigger had an ironic Thanksgiving. (But man[cat] that looks tasty. Serve up some irony for us Mom!)

China Cat and Willow had an awesome Thanksgiving it looks like.

Katie and Puddy don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia but they're DEFINITELY still welcome for this weekend's WCB! Puddy had some fun with a silver bow ... which is all fun and games until it got hurt!

Most of all this Thanksgiving, we cats and human beans
at the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats are thankful that ...
well, like the pikshur says.

More cattiness as cats arrive Sunday....

Happy Gotcha Day to our buddy Jazper! It's hard to believe it's been a year already dude. We're glad you got gotted. Not the Mama is one cool guy to bring you all the way from Rhode Island to live with the fambly.

Spot goes hunting for goodies in the closet, but something gets in his way.

Happy Gotcha Day and Blogaversary to our buddy Dragonheart! Dude, you're our very first Sphynx furriend ever, and it's been so cool to meet you. Now we know how neat Sphynx's are. (Except maybe that Mom goes "awwwwww" over your pikshurs all the time, we're not sure if that's good -- she might trade us in.. heheheh)

This isn't exactly a WCB post, but our furriends Jeter Harris and Mickey Mantle lost their older sisfur Kallie on Thursday. We's furry sad for them and their fambly. If you want to, you can go by an offer your sympathies to them. Sometimes Thanksgiving can be sad too. That just makes it harder to think of the things we're thankful for, but they're still there hiding behind the sad things.

The Bengal Brats demonstrate that gnawing on a sibling's ear is fun. We prefer turkey, really, but you make do, eh?

HRH Yao-Lin has used this weekend to audition for a great part in the upcoming CCSI: Cat/Canine Criminal Scene Investigators. Check out that costume for his part!

Tara has fun hunting and showing Kavan how to protect the world!

Cartouche is having some yummy Pate de Fois Gras. MMMmmmmmmmmmmmm

LB is waiting for his new Santa toy Mom got while shopping for Holiday Baking supplies.

Mog just realized she has a weekend post too, and the BKCFoC is up too!

Fanks for coming and we hope you had a great Fanksving weekend! Next week's Weekend Cat Blogging will be with Samantha Black & Tigger at Life From a Cat’s Perspective.

Alla us
Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

And other fun kitty festivals this weekend are

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