Stupid Saturday FSA



I was stupid. I could have died. Mom says she was even more stupid. So we thought we'd share even tho it's embarassing.

Mom was making jools at her studio desk and had a small scented candle burning right next to her on the desk, because she doesn't ever leave unsupervised candles lit unless she's *right there*. Well, I jumped up on the desk to see what she was doing and landed right on top of it. Mom says the flames that shot up in my fur were amazing, but I didn't have time to notice. I was too bizzy being amazed that Mom was so upset I jumped on her desk that she started beating on me and threw me to the floor and smooshed me under her body. (Really, I thought she'd completely lost her marbles.) But she must have been right since now I have some singed fur and boy does her studio stink bad. I'm all ok.

1 brown candle splattered all over the place: $7, 1 brush for slightly singed cat $3, 1 slightly burned hand and 1 jammed thumb $6 for ice pack, everybody being ok: priceless.
FSA: No candles where cats can ever in anybody's wildest dreams possibly get to them.

Oh, and We're hosting the Fanksgiving Edition of Weekend Cat Blogging here this weekend!
you can leave your link here in this post or tomorrow's post or email us. WCB #129 will be up sometime Sunday. Guess what we're super fankful for? Yeah.

Pepi: Fank you for putting my furs out, Mom.
Mom: Fank you God for making it all work out ok in spite of me being so stupid.

and Mom Cat aka Robyn

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