Still Foofy Mancat Monday

Lots of my cool furriends were concerned about me cuz of the candle incident a couple of days ago. Mom took this pikshur of me yesterday just so I could prove I'm still all foofy. Yep, I am. (On both sides, KC! Geez.)

And for those who asked: No, I did not see the small candle before I jumped up on the desk. You think I'm *that* stoopid? Sheesh. But I learned an impawtant lesson.

Mancat Lesson: Look before you leap and make sure there's no candles anywhere near the landing pad. (Good lesson for Girlcats too.)

your bud Pepi

Pee Ess. It's Ruis's purrthday today. How cool his purrthday is on Mancat Monday. Purrfect! Go wish him happy purrthday, will ya.

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