Gotta Get an SSN

Gosh, the sun has been brite out in Noo Mexico and Callyfornya on our road trip! I hadta get a pair of sunglasses it was so brite! Miles taked a pikshur of me in fronta the big red bus in my noo shades. It was so brite the flashy thing didn't come on! My shades are purrty, aren't they?

And a'course I gotted all a'cited bout the ASPCA wantin ta give me a credit card. Wow, wasn't that cool? Then Mommy gived me the bad noos on the fone. I can't get a credit card cuz I don't got a soshul security number! How unfair is that?!?! Well dat wasn't gonna werk, so I hadta go get a soshul security number! Monty helped me look up where to get one while we was in San Diego, and the fone book said we hadta go to this place - the San Diego Soshul Security Awfice. We even founded a map.

Poppy Q was drivin the big red bus then and she saided we could go by the awfice and pik up a soshul security number fur me.

The stoopid beans at the Soshul Security Awfice saided that I gotta apply in Furginia tho cuz I lives there! Gosh, and I thoughted they was an all American govermint kinda place. Fooey. So anyways, we wented on visitin cuz I didn't wanna stay n argue n hold everycat up. Visitin furriends like Daisy Mae Maus and Diva Kitty is lots more fun than tryin to get a soshul security number. I'll just haf to get that when we gets home.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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