Black (Feline) Friday at HotMBC

Boni Maroni: The beans say today is Black Friday. Hmmms. Well we have Black Friday here all the time. I mean, we're the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats.

Mini: Today is Black Friday cuz we got so many treats yesterday for Fanksgiving.

Boni Maroni: I don't get it. Treats makes today black? What if we have lots of treats some other day. Would the next day be black? Maybe black Tuesday?

Mini: Um. I don't think so. Only the day after Fanksgiving, I think.

Boni Maroni: Maybe we should look it up. "Wiki it up" or "Google it up", like Mom says.

Mini: Can we just have more treats instead?

Boni Maroni: Mini, you're hopeless! Ok, let's wiki it up. Here we go.

Mini: Does it mention treats?

Boni Maroni: No, silly. It's cuz of the stress of shopping today (must be why Mom is staying home) or operating "in the black" for stores or something. Sheesh, treats are definitely more interesting.

Mini: hahaha! Ok, can we show some of the treats we got yesterday?

Boni Maroni: Ok ok, Mini. Go for it. I'll never understand these humans anyway.

Mini: Fanksgiving treats! (We has more, and we're taking some to The Tower Hill Mob for the "Black Friday" party and sharing here with furriends too.)

Uncle Roman gave us some ham!
(I think Sanjee took hers to share with Miles.)

Pepi and Gree got something from Grandma
(but they wouldn't tell me what.)

Mom gave Pepi and Gree some turkey!
(But it's ok, I was bizzy eating turkey in the other room is
why I'm not in the pikshur.)

Mini: Hey Boni, how come you're not in any of the pikshurs?

Boni Maroni: You know, Mini. Cuz Mom and Grandma deliver my treats to me in the snuggly cat cup.

Mini: Gee, you have all the luck.

Boni Maroni: Well, they say it's because I'm so well behaved. Maybe you should try that?

Mini: Heck no. I want my treats FIRST!

Boni Maroni: Gee, I'm going to die of that surprise. (Not!) hehe Anyways, let's wish our furriends a Happy Black Friday and remind them we're hosting the Fanksgiving Edition of Weekend Cat Blogging here this weekend!

Mini: Happy Black Friday! We're hosting the Fanksgiving Edition of Weekend Cat Blogging here this weekend!

Boni Maroni: Copycat.

Mini: What? But you said...

Boni Maroni: Oh nevermind. Anyways. If you want to join in the Weekend Cat Blogging fun, you can leave your link here in this post or tomorrow's post or email us. WCB #129 will be up sometime Sunday.

Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

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