Us too

Me and Mini were just hanging out in the living room trying to catch some rays in the sunspots when Mom put two evil PTUs in the room. Well, we're no dummies, so we ran and hid. But Mom just went back upstairs and left the PTUs. We thought that was really weird. So we sniffed the PTUs and poked at them, but they didn't try to suck us in and carry us anywhere. So we went back to grooming in the sun spots. But later when we weren't paying attention ....


We were both trapped in PTUs!!! It was awful. Then to make it worse, we got dragged to that smelly place the v-e-t hangs out. And EVEN worse, it was full of D-O-Gs. And a small horse. Ok, the people there were saying that small horse was a Great Dane type of d-o-g, but I don't believe it. I heard them say he weighted 123.3 lbs. That's way bigger than a d-o-g. That small horse and all those d-o-gs were pretty frightening, so we tried to stay very, very quiet in the back of the PTUs and were hoping maybe they'd forget about us and we'd get a chance to escape. No such luck.

We got dragged out of the PTUs one by one and the v-e-t poked at us and stabbed us. And that table is cold! My paws are still shivering thinking about it.

Remember Sanjee lost a pound somewhere, like when she got dragged to the v-e-t last week? Well, me and Mini each lost a pound too! If you see those pounds, let us know, please. We may need them. The v-e-t and Mom seemed happy about it though. (Yes, weird beans.) The v-e-t said something weird to Mom, that with 5 cats on the organic food for around 6 months and we'd each lost a pound or so, she'd done some really good testing to see if it works for cat diets and it does. Do you think they're doing animal testing on us? Is that fair? Sheesh.

Anyway, we made it home finally and got out of the PTUs. I decided to sulk behind the sofa for hours and hours. But then I got hungry. Even if that by Nature's Organics is diet food (but it doesn't say that on the label! the beans are nutz), it tastes good and I was hungry.

Boni Maroni of the Lost Pound

Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

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