Toes of Frog Don't Work

Onyx the Halloween Squillion Reporting

Sanjee came home really late from Miles's with nip on her breath and conked out in the floor.

We thought she was going to Derby's party, not Miles house! So I waved my some toes of frog and said stuff about newt eyes and whatnot to try to get her up and around to find out.

It didn't work. She just stole my hat and went to the other room to conk out!

And Mini, she's in there resting her paws after a hot tuna date with Dr Tweety, and gossiping with Boni Maroni.

What are we going to do with these girls? I need more toe of frog and eye of newt for sure.

I wonder if Sanjee will be upset that I told the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos over at Pet's Garden Blog? The only frogs are the toes I waved at Sanjee, and I don't have pikshurs of that. Oh well.

Onyx the Halloween Squillion

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