Mancat Monday Guest

We found this comment on our post yesterday about the not black cat eating stinky goodness.
Oh my goodness, you guys don't tolerate much do you? You're mom's not allowed to even take pictures of other poodins? What if it's just a friend's cat and the friend was the one that opened up the can of stinky goodness. I just think you should give her the benefit of the doubt.
We felt kinda bad cuz Tyler was right. The not black cat is named George. He lives with Mom's friends Grace and Jean. Mom and Grandma went over to feed it and his sisfur Autumn cuz Grace and Jean were out of town. (We do wish they'd brought us some stinky goodness, though.) So, since we were not too tolerant, we decided to feature Tyler for Mancat Monday.

Tyler is a handsum black Mancat who also has 4 siblings! He runs the house and is furry purrty with his shiny black fur. He's pretty cool and tolerant too. Fanks for today's Mancat lesson, Tyler.

Mancat Lesson: Being tolerant is very mancatly.

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