Carnival of the Cats #182

Welcome to the Carnival of the Cats #182! Woo hoo!

By the way, the treats are in the next row of tents. ::point paw:: We had a little problem with our human (who hurt her wrist) so she claims she can't help us with grafix to show how yummy all the goodies are. Hmph! Anyways, have all the treats and goodies (for cats and humans and all sortsa critters) you want over in those tents there.

Our first carnival ride is to ride by our buddy Skeezix's place and tell him happy purrthday. He's 3 now! Happy Purrthday Skeezix!

If you don't know Skeezix, you should meet him. He's our favorite runt of the litter fashion diva. Here's a lil pic of him to demonstrate.

FSA (Feline Service Announcement) #1: Hackers are all over, so be sure to use a password for your bloggy that is not anything to do with your blog subject and preferably randomly generated. And change it often. Better to be safe than blogless.

Next fun things to do ...

Pop over to Ask Patty Automotive LOL Cats to see how the catz r fixin ur carz.

And visit Ted, Lord and Master of all he surveys. (Well doh! Of course! He's a cat!)

Head over to Egypt... errrrrrr... Germany, to see our favorite Sphynx friend Dragonheart for frootybat memes.

Check out how the gang at Manx Mnews Helps Mom with Groceries.

Visit Greg Laden on Cat Origins.

Over at enrevanche: The valet is pressing your clothes, sir.

Check out these patterns! Very nice furs.

Oooh la la - Formerly Feral Fashion Furriday at Parker's place.

Stop in for more cake (funnel cake if you want) at Henry's!

Henry is Sweet 16 this weekend! Happy Purrthday Henry!

A true symbol of Cat Goodness: Bookshelf Cat Helps Out. Awwwww :)

Want to have some fun? Join in at TacJammer for Doing the Hokey Pokey!

Did you know you can lead a cat to basket... but... well, you'll see.

We didn't know Legos were a carnival game, but now we do. K T Cat wants to know, "Will You Play Legos With Me?"

Stop by Composit Drawlings for a real Rocky Mountain High. Our favorite kind. And some cool tummy-ness too.

Kitty Hates New Camera over at the Peach Pit and for some reason that surprises the humans. Poor humans are just so stinkin slow.

FSA (Feline Service Announcement) #2: Read up about Cat Care!

Now back to the fun.

Get some fun Traveling Companions for your Carnival enjoyment.

And we can play Musical Cats too!

Stop by Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes for some rare wisdom. (Humans can learn!)

Warning: Pawsibly not suitable for kittens! Check out How to Hunt Bugs. (If you dare.)

Probably not suitable for anycat but we love it: Catnip Fever!

Pop by the New Digs for Jack and con-cat-ulate him.

We cats teach the humans. Best Advice from Your Cat: This is MY Life!

Oh man, Kitties over at Mog's needs help finding a new home. Can you help? Sometimes they're bad kitty cats (so saith the humans *snort*) but not very bad.

Stop by Edsel's to relax after a Busy Day.

Is there a Photo Hound?.errrr, Cat ... in da House? Kinda looks that way.

Carnivals are good times for Male Bonding. Well, so is being at home. And Baby helps kids learn to eat their spinach and teaches about beautiful flowers. (PINK flowers, Skeez and Daisy!)

Stop in for some beautiful music here with Eli, A Cappella. Great singing voice, we think.

Amar and Luna say there's Always time for Weekend Cat Blogging. Boy are they right.

Look for Cheysuli around this platform. She wants to know if they caught her.

Big question at 5-Cat Style & The Flyer: Cat or Dog?

Catzee knows how to live on Sun-day. Let's all go over there and curl up.

I think Sam and Tigger are worn out here. Maybe they need to head over to Catzee's.

Whoa! Puddy is joining the Carnival of the Cats for the first time and Puddy has shiny teef!

Stop by House of Chaos for a Joyful Gathering.

Momma Grace and Company are also having a Family gathering at the "water hole".

Hmmms. It's Good News and Bad News. Can we just skip all bad news? hehehe

Sebastian wants to know "What are you looking at?"

Be careful. Look out for Tail Trash!

And here's a (not sad!) tribute to a great cat.

Oh no! Gigolokitty has been raided by the vice squad again!!! We better go help.

Mini says fanks lots for all the treats... um... entries (so she gets treats).

Oh! More treats for Mini...

Kashim & Othello have Quilt-o-mania!

Missy Blue Eyes has an easy Sunday morning.

Fanks for comin!
Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni


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