Wiendsay is Friendsday

This way cute bunny pikshur (that Grandma sented us) is in honor of our furiends who are buns, like Fi and Lando, Mrs. Sniffles, and specially our NOMSS furiend Hops! We loves our bun furiends!

O No! We's been blogjacked by the Mom!

Megan, the mombean of the Bad Kitty Cats has tagged me of a 7 weird things meme. So I guess I have to blogjack the blog to so my meme.

7 weird things about Mom Robyn
  1. I hate doing memes about me, but once I get going I can go on forever. Good thing the blog is 99.9% purely cats.
  2. I have a built in biofeedback tool for my bloodpressure: I have an enlarged juglar platform on the right side next to my ear. Whenever my blood pressure goes up, I can hear the blood woosh through my juglar vein on the right side. Blood pressure goes down, no more wooshing. Just think, I could have spent a mint on buying an external biofeedback tool to control my blood pressure!
  3. I am left-bodied, but only sort of left-handed. My left foot, arm, ear, eye, etc. are all larger than my right, as is normal for folks who are born left-handed. I write right-handed (because an ogre threatened to do horrid things to me if I didn't learn it that way), although I can write passably left-handed too. I have never yet found a way to use an iron and ironing board, or a broom, that isn't wrong-handed.
  4. I have done hands-on and long distance energy healing practices for over a decade now and am a Reiki and Seichim Master Teacher.
  5. I make true-type fonts. Or at least, I did before my font making program refused to work with Windows XP. Eventually I'll get a different program, no doubt.
  6. I have about as mixed bag a religious and spiritual background as I could manage to acquire. I grew up first Presbyterian, then Quaker, and eventually exploring many varied religions ranging from Roman Catholic Christianity to Wicca to Hinduism to Judaism to Islam to New Age. Now I just check the box that says 'other' when asked to give a specific religion.
  7. I have just as mixed bag a collection of skills. I can make a TrueType font, cook a dinner, mend clothing, make a shirt, forge iron, draw a passable picture, change the oil in a car, build a website, network like mad, troubleshoot a stoopid pc, grow a cactus, play 7 or 8 musical instruments, write a fantastic resume, dress to the nines, dress like a slob, remember vast amounts of useless trivia, write endlessly. And oh, I can make jewelry too.
Now back to your regularly scheduled cat blogging

Jeepers, Mom can babble.

We loves our cat furiends too. Just today's post is for our bun furiends. (And for Mommy babbling.)

Today we's headed over to Chey's Place to cellybrate Tara's purrthday party there (shhhhhhhhh don't tell Tara a'fore the party). There's even gonna be ham an chick-hen! We's on tha way!

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