A weekend in Silence & Remembrance

Kashim & Othello who's hosting WCB this week at their momma’s foodblog writed:

This have been some sad weeks in the Cat Blogosphere with saying goodbye to many furriends. So we thought we’d all need some time in silence and peace. So this is our plan for the coming weekend:

A weekend in Silence & Remembrance.

Please light this candle with us on your blog on Friday, Saturday or Sunday in Remembrance of all our dear furriends we had to say goodbye lately and those who came before.

If you want to join us please leave a comment here or at our WCB entry which we will blog tomorrow at momma’s foodblog. Yous can also write to catboys AT paulchens DOT org and tell us your URL. Momma will make a better candle as we haf right now at our bloggie and put it up for all to use if they like.
It's be great if we can have a real biiiig chain of candles lit throughout the weekend.
You don't gotta not blog ofur stuff all weekend. Dat wouldn't werk for us cats. hehe But we would like to 'member our furriends at tha Bridge special. So we're gonna do it Sunday.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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