Terrible Toosday

Oh oh. Mommy's MAD. We're mad too. Too bad it can't be MadBeanNCats Toosday. So it's just Terrible Toosday

Gmail was bad bad bad. And it made alla us mad mad mad. It kept throwin the cat noos from the Cat Blogosphere into tha junk mails. Not all of 'em even, just some of them. And it kept throwin mails from her customers into tha junk mails. She was hafin to go through 2000+ junk emales a day to find the 5 or 10 good ones that it kept junkin. Boy, you shoulda seen the steeem come outta her ears ofur and ofur about dat!

So anyways, Mad Mommy has been screwin around wif settin up a new email program thinkgy. Since um... yestyday evenin. She's bout gived up on gettin allllllll our old emales in it. She's efun konsulted wif 3 experts bout emales n stuff. But Gmail won't play nice and let her download all our old emales cuz it thinks we's already done that. (Long story) She's tryin one more trik. Hopefully dat'll werk. BUT if yoo don't get yore emale answered from us that you sented afore today, please send it again, k. (Today's emails are comin to us ok.)

Now Mad Mommy's gonna try to emale all her customers one way or anofur. What a mess! Bad bad bad Gmail. And I's going campin wif Miles. I's tired of dealin wif dis madness.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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