Happy Mancat Monday Now!

Yay! Mom got home in time to be sekritary for me to post my Mancat Monday pik! Phew.

Here I am being lookout over the living room from the cat tree. It's very mancatly to guard the living room. I can guard the front yard from here too, just by turning a little so I can see the whole front yard from the window. I can use my laser eyes right through the window if I need to. (Don't tell my sisfurs but if I get bored on guard post, sometimes I play with their fev-very toys hanging on the cat tree too.)

By the way, Mom says I can MOST DEFINITELY NOT give Mini away. *sigh* She says she'll work on making it so Mini doesn't try to steal my foods when I eat, though. I wonder if she'll lock Mini up while I eat? *snicker*

your bud Pepi


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