Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos

Hey bad kitty guys and gals, welcome to the Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos! To start off the badness, I stole the festival from Sanjee! MUAHAHA! (I'm not sure she cares. She's busy making eyes at her boyfriendcat Miles. But I stole the festival anyway. Yup.)

What are bad kitties gonna do? We're gonna have fun being bad. We're gonna have fun with the black or white theme. Cuz I'm going to show you some fun stuff and so are my buds.

First, you've got to learn to sing the Bad Kitties theme song. So hack up a hairball now if you need to, then sing along. ::sings:: Bad kitties bad kitties whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? ::coff:: Yeah, just sing like that. Open your mouth real wide like I'm demonstrating above. It scares the human beans. ::snicker::

Let's check in on our Bad Kitty friends.

Oh hey, the bad kitties at Manx Mnews are playing Guess Who? I guess they're practicing the find bad kitty art of sneakiness by not letting on.

Catie at It's All Good is doing a great job of the art of fooling the humans into thinking she's so good. Yep, she's doing great at it! (Pssst. Mancats, she's a purrty gal too.)

One of our favorite Purresidential candidates* Cheysuli is giving us an update. That's bad right, cuz politics is always bad. ::snicker::

The uber-bad cat gang of three over at Dolphin Dock is obviously planning to trip someone on the stairs. Right?

Oh man, our bud Henry Helton is plotting some evil badness here. How sneaky! Definitely evil like Sunday morning.

Oh this is bad. Real bad. It's bad to miss kitty friends who've gone to the Bridge like the Bad Kitty Cats do. (We miss 'em too, buds!) But it's good to remember those furriends and purr.

Bonnie Underfoot and Victor Tabbycat are getting seriously bad in this Friday Fight.

We take a short break for a word from our sponsor for tips on HOW TO BE BAD!

The Fine Art of Whappage

I have been studying this Art of Whappage carefully under the smarts tutorings of Sammy Meezer. He's an Expert Whappage Artist. These are some of the things Sammy has taught me are excellent whappage materials. Note that the cellphone may look like any of those things in that pikshur. Cellphones are bad in the way they sneak and disguise. Bean's eyeglasses may not be quite this round, but this is a fair example. I'm sure Sammy will let me know if it's not. And it don't matter if the glass is half full or half empty, as long as it has liquid in it, it's extra whappage points.

Good places to whap things off of are tables, dressers, chairs, bathroom sink, and most especially the nightstand. Sammy says you also get extra points for whapping things off the nightstand and ONTO the human bean's head. I'm still working on that one.

now back to the Bad Kitties

Now I'm not sure here, I think it's Samantha and Tigger's beans that are being bad here, inviting a d-o-g to visit. What do you think?

Oh hey, Samawow is baaaaaaaaad with this black and white theme post. Woo!

And our buddy Sophia, THE Divakitty, is just so bad she's good. And she's black and white too. Gotta love those tuxies, eh?

Luna is, as always, black. Ain't it great? (She's right cute. For a girl. I mean. Oh nevermind. Lots of girls are cute. Except my sisfurs. They're annoying.)

Kosmo is bad at IrishCoda. Kosmo is King.

At Watermark see the absolute cute badness of these kittens.

Ok, THIS is bad. Black squirrel cults are bad. Aloysius warns us about a black squirrel cult invasion, but hey check out those fev-vers too on Thursday.

Bazel is showing off some tummy badness. Oh man, and my typist is now going "tickle tickle." That's seriously bad.

iInfidel is checking out some rays for a bad sunbath behind the curtain. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Rosie over at Gattina's has got that black and white thing down pat. Another purrty gal.

And to be just a little good, check out the Snuggles for BabyBean auction over at the Cat Blogosphere to help with Monty Q's BabyBean's ginormous ER & hospital bills. A little good won't kill us. It's bad to be good. heheh

Gree is being her bad self on the table. heheh Go Gree!

And I'll leave ya with one last tip on being bad. Have a lookout. No sense getting caught being bad. heheh

Mini's behind me being my lookout. She was looking the wrong way though. ::sigh:: Sisfurs!

Got more bad kitty posts for this week? Send 'em on here or put it in the links of this post. I'll put more up Sunday as they come in. Badness is goodness.

MORE kitty badness just in!

Kashim and Othello are taking over the herb blogging at Paulchen's. That's bad. ::snicker:: And they're on their way now with treats for us bad kitties! C'mon over guys!

BJ, one of Dinah's Mites is being a bad boy this weekend, tricking his sibling. heheh You go, you bad boy.

Hot dayum! Those bad kitty cats at Pet's Garden Blog got the blog up and running just in time for the festival. Go give 'em a huge round of kitty applause. And maybe leave 'em a treat.

STOP THE PRESSES! I am just so honored I had to tell you cats. I, the Pepster, am Sunday Guest Star over at Cheysuli's! Go see why. It's about an impawtant legal issue for catnaps.

KC and Missy bring on some serious badness with Formerly Feral Fights. You go girls!

Meowza gets his licks in here and snoozes and makes his human post for her while she sleeps here.

BeauBeau and Angie
are being easy like Sunday morning. Is being easy bad???

Just so you know, DP Blogger temporarily stole our homepage here at HotMBC, but even DP Blogger was afraid to mess with the bad kitty cats at the festival here. MUAHAHA! Bad kitty cats rule!

Next weekend the Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos heads to Pet & The Bengal Brats at Pet's Garden Blog. See ya there!

Uh oh. Here comes Sanjee and she looks like she's gonna whap ME! I gotta run!
your bud Pepi

* Chey is our favorite candidate for Purresident, actually. But Skittles is a close second. Boy, it's gonna be a baaaaaaaaaad race to the finish this time with those two grate cats running.

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