Feline and the Flashy Box Friday

Stop it with the flashy box already, Mom. Really. Sheesh. And dang, Pepi, get your tail out of my picture. If she's going to aim the flashy box at me, at least let it be a picture of me. Brofurs!

Oh well, if your human beans are going after you with the flashy box, you might as well board the Friday Ark and Weekend Cat Blogging over at What Did You Eat for #109 and Carnival of the Cats (on Sunday). They're kind of fun. Even if the flashy box is rough on the eyeballs.

OH! And there's a big July Cat Purrthday and Gotcha Day party at Kattonic Cats startin TODAY and goes ALL weekend, so be sure to get to that. There's always lots of yummy treats at these parties. heheh UPDATE: Yep, there's LOTS of yummy treats. And they've got a GREAT BIG tub hockey rink and all kind of yummy foods and a huge big cake and nip, lots of nip. It's way cool.


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