Tuxie Tuesday - Silly Comment Spams

Thinking about silly comment spams.

Somebeans are really silly to send all these comment spams to kitty blogs. We try to make sure no real comments at the Cat Blogosphere from our furriends get caught by the spam catcher, so we peek through the spam sometimes just in case. So we get to see lots of it going through the spam catcher and we know how stupid they are.

"Akismet has caught 23,048 spam for you since you first installed it."

That's what it said yesterday. That's how many spam comments there have been on the Cat Blogosphere! Ewwwwwwwww! I'm awful glad we've got Akismet to catch 'em. If we had to delete them all myself, our paws would be worked to nubs.

So Sanjee has written this open letter to comment spammers for us. I think she did a good job. I wonder if they'll like it.

Deer Comment Spammers,

We are kitties! We do not wants or needs these thingies!
  • Veye-a-grrrrrra or any ofur kindsa love pillse. We do not like any color pillses, efun bloo ones.
  • Pain killin fingies wif or wifout prescripshuns. Sees above.
  • Free high skool seks blogs or any ofur kinda hi skool blogs neifur. Doh! We has enuff trubble efun gettin to all our furriends bloggies reggylarly.
  • Reel estate. We haf beans to deal wif that for us!
  • Diet pillses. We don't diet if we kin pawsibly help it.
  • Any kinda seks pikshurs or stuff, efun if it's free. Aside from bein kitties, we's spayed and nootered too!
  • Sleepin potions. We are experts at nappin!
  • Ring tones. Mom's ringy thingies drive us nuts as it is!
  • Lawyers. We'll call Finny if we needs a lawyer.
  • Fake deeziner handbags or clotheses. We will consult wif Skeezix and Daisy if we needs reel cat clotheses stuff.
  • Joolry. Mom and Artsy Catsy has all the joolry we's efur likely to need.
  • Herbs. Well, cept nip and we knows where to get nip fankyouverymuch.
  • Little girls, efun if they's blonde. Little girls pull tails. Nuff said.
  • Contack lenses. Or glasses eifur.
  • And if we needs prozack or any ofur meddycines, owr v-e-t will gif it to us.
We do not needs them here. We do not needs them there. We do not needs them anywheres. And efun if we did, we sure wouldn't buy them frum yoo spammers!

I wonder where we should mail it.

Boni Maroni
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

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