Thursday Thirteen #10

Thursday Thirteen #10
Thirteen Things about Gree

  1. I am the only light black cat at the Hot(M)BC.
  2. I wear my very pretty tuxedo all the time.
  3. I love to eat!
  4. My tummy was fussy until we started getting yummy by Nature's Organics foods. Now my tummy is happy.
  5. I learned real fast that begging for food doesn't get me anywhere with Mom. So I tried doing like Boni and just sitting nearby and waiting politely. Guess what? It works great! Mom delivers the food right to me!
  6. I used to go with Pepi to visit with the ancient lady next door a lot until she moved away to a nursing home. (It's ok, she LIKES it cuz she has lots of beans to visit with there.) She gave us bacon and lunch meats! yum!
  7. The nice woofie rescue lady across the street helped the mean beans get my ladygardenectomy so I wouldn't have pee emm ess and lotsa kittens. Pretty cool for a woofie rescue lady, huh?
  8. Grandma adopted me and Pepi forever. (Mom was in New York at the time.)
  9. Mistrie Rose is my bestest friend. And Pepi, he's a special brofur.
  10. I smack Pepi on the head if he tries to steal my treats. He doesn't do it often, though.
  11. I don't get along so great with Mini because she ALWAYS wants to take my food. HMPH! But as long as she stays away from me and my food, it's ok.
  12. I can still do yoga even though my tummy is rounder now that I have good beans that make sure I get plenty to eat. Mom says it's amazing.
  13. I love having a furever home at the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats cuz we have great beans here and I get to stay warm and dry. Even if they do take me to the V-E-T sometimes and I have to live inside now.

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Pee Ess. Mom likes her song. (See it below if you hadn't seen it already.)

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