More clues

Detektive Gree uses her laser eyes to hunt for more clues.

Our furriends have helped with more clues on the mystery of what happend to our Mom and Buddy and Finny's Mom and Ant Ree last weekend.

Skeezix gave us the clue that a Gaelic Storm is not like a hurricane. They're somebody that plays MUSIC that makes you wanna dance.

Samantha and Tigger asked if Mom had a stamp on the back of her hand kind of like a tatto. She did! How did they know that? Were they in the alley with the alley katz???

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said in Buddy's blog comments. "Got it, yoor moms kidnapped a bunch of batchelors, made dem ware funny hats and boots and dance in a bog to Irish moosik!" Do you think that's what they did?? Should I go hide Mom if I hear a knock on the door just in case it's the police tryin to arrest her for kidnapping and torturing the batchelors in a bog?

I better telerport over and talk to Buddy about this. We may need to hide our Moms and Ant Ree for a while. I hope they don't have to go on the lam like Mao.

Detektive Gree

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