To: Chatham the ChatCat Meezer
Rainbow Bridge

Dear Chatham,
We'd met you before but really got to know you at the 2006 Catolympics. You did a great job announcing, and we always think of you in your snazzy bow tie and hat. And we got to be furriends. We were so happy to come to your 20th birthday party. Now we're so sad you're gone from where we can talk to you. Mommy's eyes are still leaking. But we are glad you're not in pain at the Rainbow Bridge and we know we'll see you again one day there. We wonder if you'll be wearing your bow tie and hat. We wish we had some very nice poetry for your journey to the Bridge, but all we've got is lots of purrs and tears. We will send lots of purrs to your brother Salem and to Cat Couch and the rest of your family cuz we know they'll miss you even more. Enjoy running free of pain at the Bridge. We'll miss you lots.

Love Paws and Purrrrrrrrrrrs,

Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

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