Weekend Cat Blogging #103

Welcome to Weekend Cat Blogging #103
hosted by Boni Maroni (me) and Mini (the Moocher)

Welcome to WCB! We are cats here at the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats. We blog. And lots of our friends, human and kitty blog too! So we're going to party for Weekend Cat Blogging #103.

Mini is snoopervising getting WCB #103 together, especially the food part. She's not called Mini the Moocher for nothing.

I'm making sure there are plenty of nap spots for when we need a nap.

Our sisfur Sanjee was going to host, but she's still dreaming and gloating over the fact that she's an official ASPCA member now.

Have some yummies for while you visit all the cats!

Niptini's and Russianless White Russians (aka Milk) for drinking.

Salmon and ham salad (with green things for our friends who like green things to eat).

And our favorite yummy Anchony flavor treats!

Got your yummies? Let's go visiting the WCB cats!

KC at Chat Katze
is in the jungle it looks like. Are there tasty things in the jungle?
Taboo is playing hide and seek with her humans. I bet Taboo is hiding her treats from them.
Marie the Defender successfully hunted down a colorful photo of herself!
Oh my gosh! Look what Upsie made and brought for us to eat!!! Sardine yummy!
And Dragonheart has a great Gizzy Quilt that he might share if we need a nap while we're visiting him.
Kitikata-san is happy Bruno's not using her humans any more, but she's nice enough to give us an update.
Benji took good care of his boy when he was sick.
Parker let the cats out of the bag and gave up the silly nick names.
Daisy the Curly Cat does a scientific lizard study.
Yao-lin demanded to be added to WCB (but it's ok, he has a very handsome pikshur).
A crime has been committed in the Big Piney Woods. Check out the suspects!
The M's report: We think that Monte may have lost his mind, we have proof.
Jenn has guest cats at I Got Two Shoes.
It's Busi's turn over at lamiacucina.
Toby and Oscar have enough kitty crack for everyone - Lucky grows for an army!!
Tara's gonna show us about her trip to her mountain home.
Cheysuli has a guest star at her place for Saturday: Sammy Meezer!
Kashim & Othello do the 7 Random facts meme.
CEO Rocky at Artsy Catsy cracks the whip after their haitus.
Amar and Luna of CatSynth feature a furry feline from Texas.
Victor (aka The Spin Doctor) and Bonnie are doing two memes this weekend. Here's the 2nd one.
Maruschka is being mistreated by an idiotic Fridolin, oh no!
Derby is worn out from snoopervising his mum's yard work.
More Cats Joined up Sunday morning!
Samantha & Tigger didn't want to miss anything.
Check out Edmund's Acatemy Award prize.
Megan and the Bad Kitty Cats have Demon Spawn kittens looking for trouble and protesting their innocence.
'ssouri is ready for his closeup!
The New Tuxedo Gang Hideout does Thursday Thirteen.
Beezer wants to play too!
Puddy's being crazy interested in a box this weekend!
Sophia's not having it so easy like Sunday morning.
Intrepid Reepurrter KC climbs to save her beloved camera strap.
Boots and Tess have a graduation event going on.
China Cat and Willow got a little side tracked, but they made it!
Jack's OTW does cat funnies.

If you want to join up with your cat post now, just let us know in the comments! We'll be adding kitty posts that come in all over the weekend.

Boni Maroni and Mini
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

Purrs from the rest of us too!
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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